Egyptian parties today condemned the statements of US President Donald Trump on the occupied Syrian Arab Golan, asserting that the Golan will remain a Syrian land that will be liberated sooner or later.

Mohamed Refaat, head of the Egyptian National Accord Party, said his party “totally rejects the statements made by the American president on the occupied Syrian Arab Golan.” He called Trump “the bully who practices colonialism.”

He stressed that the Arab people will not accept the violation of their rights will not allow the loss of Arab land in the Golan and will fight until the full liberation.

In turn, Major General Ahmed Idris, head of the Egyptian Socialist Labor Party, said that America “plays a Zionist role in the service of the Zionist interests, which is contrary to the legitimate Arab rights,” adding that Trump’s statements will not pass and will not be realized.

He pointed out that Syria has achieved victories on the agents of Washington and the Zionists from terrorist groups and realized that their enemies can no longer achieve any scheme against them in light of the bravery of the Syrian Arab Army.

For his part, Syed Hassan al-Assiouti, deputy chairman of the Egyptian Democratic People’s Party, said that Trump’s remarks were “absurd” and that the Golan was and would remain a Syrian territory.

Assiouti stressed that the Arabs should stand by Syria’s right to defend its land and liberate it by all means.

Translated from Tishreen News

Egyptian parties: The Golan was and will remain Syrian territory

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