Syrian refugees from Lebanese territory have returned today through the Zumrani, Jadidah Yabous and Dabousa border crossings in the Damascus and Homs governorates, as part of the joint efforts of the Syrian State in cooperation with the Lebanese side to return the displaced to their towns and villages liberated from terrorism.

Sanaa correspondents from the three crossing points said that the government institutions worked to prepare the reception of displaced returnees and provide the necessary facilities and prepare buses to transport them to their villages and towns liberated by the Syrian Arab army from terrorism.

A group of displaced persons from the Lebanese territories arrived at the Dabusia crossing in the countryside of Homs, where they were received by medical teams and cadres belonging to Homs Health Directorate who provided vaccines and health services to the displaced and returning children upon their arrival at the crossing.

A number of cars and trucks arrived at the Zumrani crossing in the countryside of Damascus, bringing a new batch of Syrian refugees and their belongings, where they were received and provided with the necessary immediate assistance prior to their journey to their villages and towns liberated from terrorism.

At the new Yabous crossing, several buses arrived carrying hundreds of Syrian refugees coming from Lebanon, where a number of returnees expressed their happiness to return home after years of alienation. They salute the Syrian Arab army, which fought terrorism and won it, thanks to its victories returning to their villages today. And their homes, which were abandoned by terrorist organizations.

The new crossing of Yabus

Al-Zamrani crossing

Dabousia crossing

Translated from Tishreen News

Displaced people return from Lebanon to their liberated areas of terrorism in the villages of Damascus and Homs

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