If success has joy and happiness, excellence is a double joy, and excellence is a great achievement that deserves recognition for those who have achieved it.
Sarah Amin Zoudeh got the first place in the basic education certificate at the level of Hama governorate with a total of 3100 degrees and one of the first in Syria, Sarah from Masyaf area Nisaf town «Abdul Rahman Dahi School» In an interview with her said: the road to success and excellence is not difficult, but needs Perseverance, hard work and time management during the academic year, I expected to get the full degree because my study was organized during the year and include all lessons and hours of study not less than 7 hours a day with high concentration and on holidays up to 12 hours so as not to accumulate lessons and this is a very important aspect For the student particularly in the review period And prepare for the exam.
The student Sarah: I was relying in my studies on my personal efforts only and classes in school did not use any private teacher or any subject in the curriculum as some students do, diligence and follow-up will achieve high degrees in the degree of scientific, and in case of any difficulty in solving a problem Or explain to the information I was using the site of the Syrian electronic school, and Sarah pointed to the role of parents in the follow-up and encourage them and continued moral support, in addition to providing the right atmosphere for study and went to her colleagues who are coming to testify next year with diligence, diligence and self-confidence to reach the level of excellence and lack of Stzlam pressure and conditions may hinder their success and excellence, hoping to preserve and continue the path of success and excellence in the next stages to contribute to the construction and reconstruction of the country.

Translated from Tishreen News

Diligence and perseverance will achieve excellence

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