Severe sepsis is an infectious disease that causes at least as many deaths as smoking, killing 50 percent of people infected with it, according to the World Health Organization.

According to the newspaper “Irish Independent” that doctors of the College of Irish Surgeons have developed a drug able to curb the development of septicemia.

The drug stops the spread of infection in the early stages and advanced stages of the disease, according to specialists, the drug affects the lining (layer of cells of the inner wall of blood vessels), which is the first barrier facing the cause of the disease.

Specialists explain that at this particular stage, the treatment of the disease is very important, because its symptoms are unclear, and therefore can develop easily.

The disease is usually diagnosed at an advanced stage, when the infection has infected many members of the body. The drugs used to treat the disease are antibiotics and blood transfusions, but these do not always produce the desired results, so the spread of the disease continues in the body.

In addition, resistance to pathogenic bacteria increases with antibiotics, reducing the likelihood of positive results in treatment.

Source: Agencies

Translated from Tishreen News

Creating a drug for “rotting blood” ..!

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