For years, the village of Qatina, adjacent to the General Company for Fertilizers and overlooking the beautiful lake called in its name, suffers the problems of suffocation pollution caused by the three fertilizer plants which accumulated technical problems as a result of different departments and successive guardianship and the loss of infrastructure on the issue of pollution. Last Wednesday, the villagers lived a difficult day, The pollution reached its extent and caused many cases of suffocation and fainting, and despite the appeal of the villagers to manage the company to stop working for hours, but they did not find a deaf ear, they said, and see the citizens there that the wheel of life and production of Samdah is not at the expense of the environmental issue that appeared to be clear on the plants, some of which burned completely.
At the Social Welfare Center in Qatina, vaporizers for children with asthma and chronic respiratory diseases are distributed free of charge as assistance from international organizations to the village and the surrounding villages. Despite the urgency of the question, they refused to give permission because they need prior permission, but we have learned that hundreds of devices have been distributed to the people in the surrounding area General Company for Fertilizers.
“We do not know how long we will continue to live at the mercy of pollutants that have not been delivered to the village thorns,” she said.
The child Tony Wael al-Assas was being sprayed at the health center in Qatina and his family insisted that we see him saying: It was raining from pollutants in the fertilizer plant. Even gags are no longer useful in the meantime.
Dr. Hani Roumieh, a specialist in pediatrics, said: “At present, we have severe respiratory cases due to the inhalation of fumes and pollutants from the General Company for Fertilizers and some cases of severe asthma attacks, and here we use rice machines intensively so that there is no house left in Qatina almost only has one of these devices has been distributed More than 200 international organizations. This is an indication of the ongoing and ongoing danger of the Qatina region as a whole of pollution and the chronic diseases of the chest. This is in addition to the widespread cancer. Today, we receive dozens of cases. Last February alone in Qatina, I received more than 50 cases. Contaminated Environmental pollutants have an odor and color and taste attached in the breasts.
Miss Mariam Matanios Wahba, principal of Haitham Khouli School, said: “All children are affected by pollution. Last Wednesday was scary for us as a school principal. We did not allow students to leave classrooms except for necessity.
Thaer Gross, mayor of Qatina, said: “The gases from the General Fertilizer Company were unbearable and caused a lot of suffocation and fainting in the eastern part of the village. We talked to the general manager of the company who assured us that he had orders from the Minister of Industry. To the agricultural bank, and you only have to pray to change the direction of the wind and smell away from your homes, and he will try to talk with the Agricultural Bank to ask to stop production because the quantities have become almost complete.
“The problem of pollution caused by the plant of the General Company for fertilizers for decades, without any solutions on the ground, despite the issue of the official and media on more than one occasion, and pollution continues to affect significantly the health of citizens and all its money in relation to air, soil and groundwater All the proposed solutions to save the environment in this region have failed. It is known that the TSP plant is one of the plants that is polluted all around it, and it will remain contaminated even if it has been modified. Why is not an alternative plant being built? , And why not look Put an end to our village, and what ails of pollutants launched by the laboratory constantly, and what we wish to do to save this village and its people, especially many of them were non-thoracic chronic diseases are curable.

Translated from Tishreen News

Contaminants «Fertilizers» the disappearance of cases of suffocation and fainting of the people «Katina»

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