There are many kindergartens that have been operating in the areas of slums naturally for years and are not licensed, and the Ministry of Education has closed a number of this Riyadh, especially in the area of ​​Asad al-Din in Rokn al-Din due to the possibility of obtaining this Riyadh licenses for regularity in the slums, The number of parents we met that the decision of the Ministry of Education to close Riyadh will reflect the harm to their children to the difficulty of securing an alternative kindergarten within the area and close to their homes. In addition, most of them are of limited income and have no possibility of enrolling their children in a distant Riad and paying the transfer fee in addition to kindergarten fees, especially in light of the large increase in kindergarten fees. Due to the urgent need for kindergartens in these areas, parents are satisfied with the bitter reality.
Anas Al-Sibai, member of the Executive Office of the Education and Sports Sector, said that there is a study to find a way to turn this Riyadh into a services committee for the scheduled closures of the two kindergartens and to try to postpone them until the end of the school year.
The Ministry of Education has confirmed that licenses are granted under the approval of the administrative unit and the provisions of Legislative Decree No. 55 and its executive instructions (for Riyadh and the laboratories), provided that an undertaking is made by the license applicant duly authenticated and authenticated to the writer. The license was canceled due to the loss of the premises. As for the licensing of the private schools, it was determined by the local administration decision within the plans of an area of ​​not less than 1000 m 2 and 4000 m 2 outside the plans.
Decree No. 55 of 2004 provides for the establishment of special educational institutions for pre-university education, with many conditions and standards necessary for kindergartens, relating to area, construction and proportionality with the age of the child, ventilation, facilities, safety degree and others.
The license to establish an educational institution requires the consent of the governorate, which specified the required documents for the applicant in the areas of mass violations. The first of these documents in circulation is the title deed exclusively, which can not be obtained in the slums. , In addition to several other requests in those areas, such as: linking the undertaking of a writer to justice, which can not be obtained also in slums.

Translated from Tishreen News

Closure of unlicensed kindergartens in informal settlements

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