The UEFA Champions League will open its doors to Manchester City and Schalke, where the chances are clear for the club to reach the quarter-finals and continue the path to the first title in history. The Sitnes won the first leg on the German team with three goals in two goals in the meeting that brought the two teams at the stadium Veltins Arena, In the Premier League, the team remain top of the Premiership table after reaching 74th. So far, the Citys have played 30 Premier League matches, winning 24 games, drawing two matches and four defeats.

Schalke have so far been unbeaten in the Bundesliga and are 14th in the standings with 23 points, their last league match against Werder Bremen. They lost four to two goals, and since the start of the season they have played 25 games, In 6 games, tied in five, 14 lost the face.

Claudio Bravo and Eimeric Laporte continue to play for Manchester City due to injury. They are joined by Kevin De Bruin and John Stonnes for the same reason. The Steins will have no other player on the grounds of suspension. Guardiola is expected to start in the same style and form, In the midfield will be Fernandinho, Elkay Gundogan, David Silva, and in the front will be the trio, Stirling, Sani, Aguero.

Domenico Tidescu is expected to enter the game with a strong form to hijack the win and will rely on four offensive cards – Mark Ott, Evgeny Conoblianka and Stonne McKinney. , Swat Sirdar.

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City is an extraordinary candidate to overtake Schalke

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