Damascus is witnessing a big mess in taxi tariffs, especially in the absence of traffic control. Most of its drivers do not operate their counters and say, “What happens with us if we run the counter.” Taxis are the only option for those who can not wait long to get a seat. Public transport, because it is a constant congestion. Maysa said: “Today I had to ride the taxi because of the huge traffic congestion on the public transport buses. I was surprised to ask for three thousand lira from the Mezzeh area to seven seamen without running the meter. The meter is only an accessory to avoid the violation, »The student Amal suffers every day she does not find a place in the service and have to ride taxi to get to her university on time, so agreed with the driver on the amount before boarding to taxi so as not to collide with the imaginary number that will impose on it and there are many who do not like the number reject To ask her why The number of taxi drivers confirmed that they do not comply with the number indicated by the meter because there is a great injustice to the driver, the price of the province does not cover the cost of gasoline or repair of tires or even insurance parts For cars whose prices have risen very dramatically and what appears on the counter now does not cover 10% of the actual costs of car expenses. Abdulla Abboud, Director of Traffic Engineering in Damascus Governorate, confirmed that the meter in the taxis is adjusted according to the latest price. Based on the number shown on the counter, the tariff is duly paid. If the driver refuses, the citizen must file a complaint at the nearest traffic patrol. The driver is not allowed to drive without running the meter, and there are stickers on the windshield of the car indicating that the driver and the citizen have the tariff and are complied with, and the passenger’s judgment on the basis thereof, according to the distance he travels, we can not put every police officer Traffic.

Translated from Tishreen News

Citizens at the mercy of tariff chaos «in Damascus»!

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