As BRICEST comes closer, the British scene is becoming more foggy about the fate of the United Kingdom after its departure from the European Union, so that no one knows how, when and by what formula this exit will take place. In terms of the continued rejection of its plan by the members of the British Parliament or in terms of the movement of public opinion, which came after three years of confusion on the lie promised promised after the exit from the «European».
It is true that the leaders of the «European» agreed to postpone the exit of Britain from the European Union until April 12 next May to be able to obtain the approval of parliament on its plan, but what is proposed by the British MPs from statements does not indicate that the plan of May will be acceptable to parliament.
The majority of Britons believe that the decision to break out of the Union is the most important strategic decision the Kingdom has faced since World War II. The British decided to intervene and say, They called for a new referendum to emerge from the European Union to avoid the setback that awaits their country after the BRICEST after they reached the clear conviction that the British people are alone. He will pay for the departure of the “European”.
So, this is a new confrontation, but this time it will not be between May and Parliament alone, but with the majority of Britons who demand a new referendum to get out of the “European.” As May prepares to speak to parliamentarians in the coming days, If the parliamentarians agree to the May plan next week, the EU will agree to postpone the deadline for the exit to 22 May. If the parliament does not approve and does not submit an alternative plan, Britain is expected to leave the union in 12 months. Nissan without an agreement.
If Mai, who is under pressure to resign after she said she may not submit her plan to vote in parliament for the third time, fails to negotiate the BRICEST deal, her government will be defeated and forced to resign. There are reports of ongoing discussions on the timetable. To resign Mai.
May may not be able to put the Breakst plan to vote without making major changes, but knows that her victory over Brussels is ruled out by the concessions she must accept against her will, so Mai’s credibility has ended in front of Britons who are now facing a crisis that threatens their future.

Translated from Tishreen News

Britons facing constitutional crisis – Tishreen newspaper

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