Its capital is 80 billion liras, and the value of its assets last year exceeded two billion lira. The shareholders’ rights are 246 billion lira … Private banks in Syria are an important financial and economic sector and no less important than other banking sectors. And the legislation governing the work and the mentality of the young trader who can invest his money in development and investment projects as part of his tasks to contribute to reconstruction, as an economic financial sector can finance his own projects away from the routine of the work of public banks and sometimes faltering in the possibility of The financing of many important economic projects that require large capital is sometimes impossible for the private sector, as it is a rural sector in the end, always working profit mentality and there is no room for loss on the basis of profit first and foremost It is not reasonable to keep private banks, In the framework of the traditional work based on some banking services such as deposit and credit and granting loans for some services such as buying houses, cars and other non-generating loans for investment opportunities, creating sustainable economic projects that generate sustainable employment opportunities that will absorb unemployment and even inflation … In contrast, these private financial banks may need some legislation and procedures, which would give them more flexibility in the use of their financial resources and resources, away from lending and deposit and granting them more guarantees and guarantees to pay them to work seriously and in line with the requirements of the next phase And other banks in the financing of projects and so that these banks are not being accused of defaulting on the economic role entrusted to them and provide all the required work requirements and the most important of which is the strengthening of confidence that is often missing, Maha I and not the last profit and through the accusations directed at these banks that the volume of funds deposited in banks outside the country more than a few times their assets at home. In short, between the inside and outside remain the subject of accusation until proven the opposite and restore confidence as national banks par excellence is a key partner in the homeland is indispensable for him and his potential never … God is behind the intent.

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Banks with a special flavor ..!

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