Bahrain won the ninth edition of the West Asian Football Championship by defeating Iraq 1-0 in the final match in Karbala.

This title is the first to be achieved by the Bahraini team in the history of its participation in the tournament, the Iraqi team began the pressure on the goal of the Bahraini team, which has retreated to maintain its defensive areas and succeeded thanks to its defensive focus to contain the rush of the home and the public.

The first half witnessed one dangerous attempt directly to the Iraqi team and was a volley shot by Alahawi deflected by Bahrain goalkeeper Sayed Mahd Jaafar, and contrary to the play and the Bahraini quick counter-attack from the middle and after only two passes managed to get rid of the defenders of the Iraqi team and shot from a comfortable position Strong high left foot shook by goalkeeper Jalal Hassan in minute (38).

At the beginning of the second half, the Iraqi team threw all its weight in an attempt to amend early, while the Bahraini team tried to rely on counter-attempts and reach the Iraqi goalkeeper, who replied a difficult shot by Mohammed Al-Rumaihi in the 53rd minute. Despite the constant pressure from the Iraqi team, the Bahraini team held out thanks to the defensive bloc until the end of the match.

Translated from Tishreen News

Bahrain crowned West Asian Championship title

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