The Secretary-General of the General Conference of Arab Parties stressed that Syria had played a major role in supporting the resistance in Lebanon and standing by its side in the great victory over the Israeli aggression in July 2006.

The General Secretariat said in a statement today on the occasion of the 13th anniversary of the July 2006 aggression: The historic victory of the resistance has restored to the nation its dignity and changed the course of the conflict and stressed that the will of the people who have pursued the resistance and held the liberation of their land prevail.

The statement added that the victory of July was a moral and practical ammunition, from which the peoples of Palestine, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen were able to face the aggression and the wars they were targeting.

The statement condemned the unjust coercive economic measures against Syria, Iran and the resistance, stressing that such unilateral actions and violations of international law will not affect the resistance’s capabilities and performance.

Translated from Tishreen News

Arab parties conference: Syria has a big role in the victory of July 2006

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