Excellence outcome of the meeting of several factors, in the forefront: investing time factor and organization and the role of family and school, the most important goal of the student to reach his goal.
Ahmed Dahham Al-Hunaidi, who holds the first rank in Deir Ezzor governorate in the scientific branch with a total of 2625/2805, is one of the high achievers. Beautiful that the student feels he has reached the finish line.
He added: «There are several factors to reach this rank the most important: the serious follow-up to the smallest details in each lesson, continuous work and the absolute belief that this perseverance will have a positive return in the end, and not fall into the trap of despair and the organization of time and invest it properly. I advise my fellow students to persevere and work to reach this rank…
He continued: The family has a great role in this excellence by providing the ideal atmosphere, and provide the right atmosphere for study, and most important is the continuous support from my family, which gave me confidence, and this encouragement was one of the important factors for excellence, as well as the role of school and teachers, the school is the second home for the student , And the teacher is the source of information that reaches the student, the school is the cornerstone of building the personality of the student, and my school and teachers all thanks and respect for what they have done.
For her part, Israa Nabil Al-Rahbi, born in Deir Ezzor, 2002, Elias Harb High School in Deir Ezzor governorate in the literary branch with a total of 2301 marks, said: My superiority means many things to me, it is the fruit of effort for years and not one year, and the culmination of my family’s effort. Untold joy, and all this did not come from a vacuum is the fruit of fatigue and effort and continuous study and follow-up to each stray and contained in the classroom, and I was keen to organize my time and invest it optimally, and rely on reviewing my lessons on a weekly basis.
The role of the family is great in this excellence, and has secured the appropriate climate and the requirements of my studies throughout my school years, as well as to the school and teachers who did not spare anything and did everything they can to reach us easily information, and my ambition does not stop here, and I will follow this path during my university life and excellence I follow the message of science To raise the name of the country high.

Translated from Tishreen News

..And the outcome of the investment of time and organization

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