American weapons and “Israeli” remnants of terrorists in the outskirts of Yalda


Within the context of the operations of the Syrian Arab Army in the fight against terrorism and the restoration of security and stability to the areas where the terrorists were defeated, quantities of weapons and ammunition were found in the outskirts of the town of Yilda, in the suburbs of Damascus, including American and Israeli-made missiles, which reflect the support provided by the sponsors of terrorist organizations.

The field commander said that during the follow-up to the combing of the areas cleared from terrorism in the countryside of Damascus and in cooperation with the competent authorities were found in the outskirts of Yilda on US missiles and the manufacture of the entity of the Israeli enemy and large quantities of ammunition and missiles and various weapons medium and light were hidden within a house that Terrorist organizations turned it into a warehouse before it was defeated.

Another field commander noted that among the seized weapons were an anti-aircraft missile, a RB / Yugoslav-made missile and a variety of munitions, including a launcher, Israeli-made launchers, a number of grenade launchers and various mortars, And a number of American-made Alto missiles were found.

Translated from Tishreen News

American weapons and “Israeli” remnants of terrorists in the outskirts of Yalda

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