The Special Assistant to the President of the Iranian Islamic Consultative Council for International Affairs Hussein Amir Abdullahian continued to support his country to Syria in its war against terrorism until the restoration of security and stability to all its territory.

During his meeting with Syrian Ambassador to Tehran Dr. Adnan Mahmoud, Abdullahi said that Syria has taken important and good steps in the field of stabilizing the stability and preserving its territorial integrity, pointing out that the movements of terrorists in Idlib and support of America and the Israeli occupation entity are contrary to them. With security and stability in the region.

For his part, Ambassador Mahmoud affirmed that the Iranian position on US unilateral coercive measures against Syria is proof of its strength and power. He stressed the importance of strengthening bilateral cooperation between Damascus and Tehran in confronting economic war against them, pointing out that the changes in the region are in the interest of Iran.

Translated from Tishreen News

Abdullahi: Iran continues to support Syria in its war against terrorism

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