The Special Assistant to the President of the Iranian Islamic Consultative Council for International Affairs, Hussein Amir Abdellahian, once again condemned US President Donald Trump’s statements on the occupied Syrian Golan, saying that he seeks “to create new tension” in the region.

Abdullah said in a statement today that the Trump talk about the occupied Syrian Golan constitutes a “propaganda movement” to cover up the failure of his bargaining on the “deal of the century”, which he tried to promote to end the Palestinian issue.

He pointed to the failure of US plans and plots in the region, including the failure of the terrorist war against Syria, aimed at imposing a division of the region and a new map of the region, stressing that this plot failed and led to the opposite result.
The special assistant to the head of the Iranian Islamic Consultative Council for International Affairs warned the Israeli occupation entity of committing any new aggression in the region.

Translated from Tishreen News

Abdellahian: Trump seeks to create more tension in the region

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