The Russian PD-14 turbocharger for the medium-range “МС-21” aircraft is a distinct engine with a promising future, Yevgeny Kaplov, general manager of the All-Russia Aviation Materials Institute, has announced.

“The engine used 20 new materials developed by the institute’s experts, and made the engine cover from a composite polymer, which is cheaper than the covers of the imported engines of the Sujuyu Superjet-100,” Kaplov told the Novosti news agency.

The PD-14 is a fifth-generation engine that will generate an 8-PD generator, instead of the Sam-146 and PD-1 engines used in the helicopters and the PD-35 used in helicopters. Civil aircraft and transport aircraft.

Models of the “МС-21” aircraft, which were first flown in 2017, are equipped with US “PW1000G” engines, but after sanctions were imposed on Russia, the United States stopped implementing the contract, so the new aircraft will be equipped with engines “PD-14” outstanding Russian.

Translated from Tishreen News

A distinctive engine for the Horn aircraft – Tishreen newspaper

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