On the occasion of Mother’s Day, Afkar Investment Services and Marketing Company, in cooperation with the DFA campaign, honored 60 of the surrogate mothers working in social care homes and NGOs that provide care for children without family care and mothers of persons with disabilities at the Jasmine Palace in Dar Al Rahma, Damascus.

The event included artistic performances and poetry poems about the role of the mother and her favor presented by the children of Dar al-Rahma and Al-Ansar Charitable Society and musical and lyrical passages presented by the blind children Ghassan Samara and Suleiman Daoud as well as introductory films for Afkar and other films about Dar Al Rahma.

The Director General of Afkar Waddah Kayal said that participation in this honor is a social responsibility that falls on the private sector towards different sectors of society, noting the role of mothers in social care homes, caring for children of different groups and instilling confidence and strength in themselves to be an important part of society.
For his part, Ayman Mazid, director of Al Ansar Charitable Society, founded in 1958, stressed the importance of partnership with various governmental, private and private sectors to meet the needs of the society and to honor the deserving.

Fada Daqouri, head of the DIFI Initiative, said that the initiative launched earlier this year was aimed at establishing social activities for different groups, including children and other persons with disabilities, pointing out that today’s effectiveness highlights the role of mothers providing care, rehabilitation and support to orphans and disabled children who have demonstrated their excellence. .

A number of honored mothers pointed out that what they are doing is a duty to their real children or those who have lost their families. It is a humanitarian endeavor aimed at demonstrating the skills and excellence of these groups and their involvement in building their homeland. Amal Karkour of the Association of St. Gregory and Nihad El-Yateem of Al-Mabra Women’s Association To the role of replacement mothers in building the character of the child and build his abilities to be a useful person in society.

The mother, Jamila al-Ali, the mother of the child Saleh Mustafa, said that standing beside her child with cerebral palsy and continuing rehabilitation of the institutes is a duty to thank the owners of the house, while Ghosoun al-Bastati expressed her stand beside her sister, the artist Duaa Bastati, who draws her feet because of her hands lost, This is a duty that gives her happiness, especially when she participates in the preparation of exhibitions and witness the achievements and artistic creativity.


Translated from Tishreen News

60 women working in social care homes and mothers of persons with disabilities were honored

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