The branch of the National Fund for Social Assistance in Hasakah received 337 applications from those who wish to benefit from the program to support and enable the demobilized from compulsory and reserve education.

The director of the branch of the National Fund in Al-Hasakah city, Jirjis Dawood, said that the centers of the Fund’s branch in Al-Hasakah Al-Qamishli Al-Jawadiyah received requests from young people wishing to benefit from the program of support and empowerment of the demobilized. The committee has appointed committees to receive the demobilized to facilitate the procedures and explain the mechanism of progress and verification of all documents and documents required for registration and paper and electronic check To be sent to the General Directorate.

Al-Hasakah Center supervisor Mohammed Saleh said that the center receives requests from the residents of Al-Hasakah, Al-Hawl and Al-Shaddadi. Al-Qamishli Center was allocated to receive the people of the areas located in the North, including Al-Qamishli, Amouda, Al-Qahtaniya and Al-Darbasiyya. Travel .

The number of demobilized expressed their desire to obtain stable jobs in the public sector because it represents a state of stability for them, stressing the importance of the measures taken by the government to support them and empower them and give them advantages in various competitions and tests.

Translated from Tishreen News

337 theaters of science service apply for support program in Al-Hasakah

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