It seems that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is better at acting than the leadership. The most important role I have mastered was the coup attempt of 2016 in Turkey. Over time, it turns out that this was merely a fabricated representation of an individual rule led by Erdogan and punished by his political opponents.
The most recent evidence was a document written by the Turkish prosecutor Sardar Kuskon on July 16, 2016. It was obtained by the Turkish journalist Ahmed Dunmes, who lives in exile in Sweden. The document is a detailed record of the events that occurred since the beginning of the coup attempt on the night of July 15, “The coup d’état of the Turkish air force bombed the parliament and the presidential palace garden, but the prosecutor recorded these events with a document that was docked at 1 am, four hours before the incident,” the document said.
Erdogan’s men knew exactly what was going to happen, allowed some events to unfold in a controlled way, then exploited it as a pretext for repression, and drafted these documents before they were later used in trials against his political opponents. We now know how Erdogan used the alleged coup quickly and mercilessly. “
«Turkish Hitler» .. This is how the European media describe the Turkish president, referring to his repressive policies, and the campaign of arrests and widespread torture against his opponents, this description emerged especially after the Turkish coup attempt, as many media saw that the Turkish president, The military coup, just as former German president Adolf Hitler did to eliminate all his opponents in the 1930s.
Since the summer of 2016, the Turkish authorities have stepped up their crackdown on opponents of the Turkish President, seizing thousands of their jobs and arresting thousands of Turkish military leaders, activists, opponents, journalists and anyone criticizing Erdogan’s policies.
Erdogan’s harvest from the coup was fruitful. The beginning was with the state of emergency he declared on July 20, five days after the coup attempt, which saw the arrests of Erdogan’s political opponents and many opponents on charges including supporting the attempted coup.
According to the latest statistics, the number of detainees in Turkey reached more than half a million Turkish citizens, and 160,000 employees, including military personnel, teachers, doctors, academics, government and local officials, were closed and more than 2,200 private educational institutions, 19 labor unions, 15 universities and 150 media outlets.
Erdogan knew about the coup attempt in 2016 and did not prevent it, and Erdogan was the one who orchestrated the failed coup to get rid of the army leaders who were standing in front of the implementation of his projects at home Turkish region.

Translated from Tishreen News

2016 coup .. Turkish series of starring Erdogan!

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