Damascus, SANA – The Syrian and Russian coordination committees for the return of displaced Syrians said that while the United States is forcibly removing displaced Syrians in al-Rukban camp in disastrous conditions, it allocated millions of dollars to support the White Helmets organization.

In a joint statement on Tuesday, the committees said the United States allocated “aid” during the recent conference in Brussels which will not go to the Syrian people; rather they will be given to the White Helmets terrorists to fund their acts of fabricating incidents involving toxic chemicals.

The US State Department announced on March 14 that it will give USD 5 million to the White Helmets which is affiliated to Jabhat al-Nusra terrorism organization, while Qatar kept the organization USD 2 million on February 3.

The statement said that the participants in the Brussels conference who claim to be helping Syrians are the ones who impede sever economic sanctions on Syrians, noting that the money raised will go only to displaced people in Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey, which seeks to encourage displaced people to remain there and hinders their return to Syria.

The committees reiterated their demands for the US to provide access to al-Rukban camp to evacuate the civilians there, as well as their demands for the US forces to leave al-Tanf area.

Hazem Sabbagh

Syrian Arab News Agency

Washington gives millions to White Helmets terrorists while preventing aid from reaching al-Rukban camp – Syrian Arab News Agency

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