Geneva, SANA _ Syria’s permanent representative to the UN in Geneva Hussam el-Din Ala described as an “unacceptable approach” targeting Syria with politicized and biased decisions in every session of the Human Rights Council.

During a session on Friday on draft resolution / L.7 / on human rights situation in Syria Ala said that this targeting contradicts the council ‘alleged role in protecting human rights according to principles of impartiality, objectivity and non-selectivity and reflects the political hypocrisy of their adopters,

This unbalanced draft resolution, Ala said, promotes non-consensual concepts such as the principle of universal jurisdiction and ignores the jurisprudence of the Syrian judicial relating to investigation and accountability according to Syrian laws.

He stressed that the draft resolution involves the council in issues that it is unqualified technically to evaluate evidences and facts associated to them.

Ala emphasized on Syria’s rejection of draft resolution’s distorted and incorrect interpretations of Syrian national legislation and its hostile language of incitement against state institutions and its use of equal terms between the legitimate government and armed terrorist groups.

The Ambassador voiced Syria’s conviction of attempts of interference in its efforts to secure the return of displaced people to their homeland voluntarily and the promotion of policies that exploit suffering of those displaced for political ends.

He criticized the resolution’s ignorance to condemn the aggression of some countries and their occupation of parts of the Syrian territory.

This ignorance, according to Ala, contradicts claims of full respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria, affirming that this is a natural result of fact that the main sponsors are partners in the aggression on Syria and in the crimes committed by illegal “international coalition “, which the resolution continues to cover up.

“Syria is committed to the rules of international humanitarian law and renews its refusal to extend mandate of the International commission of inquiry, which is a politicized mechanism that lacks the minimum standards of objectivity and professionalismism,” Ala said.

The Diplomat added that claims of care on supporting the political process and stopping suffering of humanity are not consistent with the contents of the draft resolution and its disregard to acknowledge the root causes of the crisis, on top of which are terrorism, policies of aggression, occupation and unilateral coercive measures.

Syria rejects the draft resolution which is separated from reality and calls for veto against it, Ala concluded.


Syrian Arab News Agency

Targeting Syria with politicized resolutions reflect hypocrisy of human rights adopters – Syrian Arab News Agency

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