New York, SANA-Acting charge de ’Affairs of Syria’s permanent delegation to the UN, Dr. Loai Fallouh said on Wednesdays that Syria is committed to work for reaching a political permanent solution to the crisis, eliminating terrorism and getting the occupation foreign forces out of the country.

Fallouh added that Syria rejects the US, France and Britain’s exploitation of Security Council platform to defame the image of the Syrian government.

“The three states have no legal or moral capacity to call for holding UN Security Council sessions on the situation in Syria as they are involved in the direct military aggression on the country and in supporting terrorism and killing thousands of the Syrians,” Fallouh said in a speech at a session for Security council on the situation in the Middle East.

He added that Washington, Paris and London adopt immoral behavior which is based on misusing the noble human purposes to achieve a hostile colonial agenda and legalize the foreign intervention in the domestic affairs of states.

“The US, Britain, France and other countries in the region have spent huge amounts of money, as well as they offered weapons, to target Syria and liquidate their new-old accounts with it at the expense of the Syrians’ blood,” Fallouh said.

He went on to say that the three states are going ahead in imposing their policies and stances on a number of UN corners to distort the real situation in Syria through adopting suspicious sources of information in order to “cover the suffering of civilians because of the terrorist groups’ crimes. ”

“The main reason behind the suffering of the Syrians is terrorism and its supporters, the governments of US, Britain and France reject fighting terrorism in order to protect the terrorist organization of Jabhat al-Nusra,” Fallouh added.

He said that the intention to ignore talking about the destiny and whereabouts of thousands of the missing and abducted people at the terrorists, stresses, once again, the double standard policy adopted by some countries and the working mechanisms in the framework when the UN when dealing with humanitarian issues.

“Every village, city and region, which has suffered from terrorism in Syria, will remain a witness on the shame and scandal of the governments that supported terrorist groups and gave them the political and media cover, then claiming that they were Syrian moderate opposition, “Fallouh said.

He added that Syria is seriously engaging with the Russian and Iranian guarantors of Astana track and with the UN special envoy for Syria in order to realize a political solution, led by the Syrians themselves without any foreign intervention.

Mazen Eyon

Syrian Arab News Agency

Syria committed to reach a political solution to the crisis, eliminate terrorism – Syrian Arab News Agency

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