Quneitra, SANA- People of the occupied Syrian Golan strongly condemned US President Donald Trump’s statements on the Golan, affirming that they are senseless and they will go down the drain, and that history is not written through bank deals, but it is the fate of free nations who reject aggression or exploitation.

In a statement on Friday, people of the occupied Syrian Golan said “Trump’s statements on the Golan did not come with anything new through a deal with head of the Israeli occupation entity Benjamin Netanyahu who is passing through a political and judicial crisis.”

They indicated that “The current political scene is due to the steadfastness of the resistance axis and the failure of the hostile project against Syria.”

“The Syrian Arab people in Golan, as they in the past stand in the face of the French occupation, they will continue today to adhere to their national stance under many of the occupation’s projects, on top of the annexation project, and they adhere to the which will not be defeated, “the statement noted.

The statement added that “People of the occupied Syrian Golan affirm to the whole world, on top the US administration that the stability in the region will not be realized through the continuity of occupation and through supporting and consolidating the racial policies of the Zionist entity. “

The statement addressed Trump through saying “As your previous project had failed despite there were better US leaders and Presidents than you in the political and military domains, it will fail again, so take lessons from history … the final victory will be for the people who have the right no matter how long. “

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

Syrian Arab News Agency

People of employed Syrian Golan condemns Trump’s irresponsible statements on Golan – Syrian Arab News Agency

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