You get ‘harassed & rushed off’ if you disagree with liberal elements – Ron Paul

The United States’ mid-term elections are less than a month away now with both the Democrats and Republicans appearing to grow increasingly animated and outspoken. And there’s a lot at stake – a YouGov poll this week shows only a 6% gap in support between the two parties, with the Democrats leading on 47%. READ MORE:


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james patterson

Strike the shepherd and the Sheep will scatter.

Artie Hill

Democrats are a Mafia organization; The poop lady Hillary is the leader !

Hulk Hulk

The divide-and-conquer mentality so we can ignore the rich and greedy.

Amanda Simmons

You haven't been in the passenger seat of my car. I can be to most a little scary to drive with, Just to be honest.

Funky Tuna

lol is this fucking fox news or RT

trump encouraged violence at several of his rallies

but boo fucking hoo a few protestors harass their senator at a restaurant and all of a sudden they're "preparing for battle"

Discerning Troll

And the World is getting angry with the way the USA lets its internal disputes and internal problems affect the world. The tendency for both sides to lash out and blame other nations in the world for there own problems. Blame Russia for running a hopeless campaign with a candidate disliked by the vast majority of the people. Blame China for US Trade Problems. Multiple factors have caused that. Increasing the money supply above real Production increases in the USA is one of the main ones.Break agreements Trump, that were signed by 5 other nations and endorsed by the UN.… Read more »


How come there is no normal people in the American parlament and thay all compiting who is going to kill more people around the world I can only say one thing Sick Sick Sick nation


democracy is a contact sport.

Meh Jones

In the very next sentence, Eric Holder made it clear he was only speaking metaphorically. Hack job!


Both parties have forgotten what the constitution is and what is was for. Same could be said for most people too.

Kenn Ashley

a bunch of kids living with parents throwing temper tantrums.I own guns,and open carry.Threaten me physically in a mob,I have 10rounds.

Mando H

It's about time Dems, use the same Republican tactics! That already happened Charlotte!


Hillary is one of the biggest phonies in politics. What she, and a lot of her cohorts, partners in crime, stand for is more graft and more control. Which means more and higher taxes and more regulations from a nanny state.
The dumb downed heavily propagadized low information voters fall for their rhetoric time and time again hook, line and sinker.

Cockoff Gewgle

Ron looks unwell.


As if Liberals haven't been going low Eric Holder. Progressive Liberals trying to claim they operate from a moral high ground is totally laughable.

Eisen J Eisen

It will get worse when the dollar collapse and the guy to be blamed is the guy in the White House!!!!!!


screaming racist in that man's face. It's no wonder he lashed out.

Butch Thurman

Both parties have ran up the debt. Just wait till the next crash in the market.


Liberals feel they have the cause to respond the way they do because they see the right as being impossibly stupid and limited. They have no reason anymore to even want to deal with the right. They've had enough. I used be like this 50 years ago as a young liberal. I saw the civilized side to society as quite unconscious. But, there was common sense and I wasn't getting it. Maybe it was too boring for me. Socialism seemed so more community oriented. As you get older I would hope you can see what decent individuality is about, not… Read more »

Pablo Cholaky

Every time something goes wrong at democrats, they kill a president. Hope that's not a fact anymore.

V Tek

Angry left wing mob or super zionist Israel 1sters. Shitty options for America.

Anthony Momo

The democrats are getting ready to have their ass handed to them

أقل بن ألفريد

RED ALERT: Losers on the Loose!
Send veterinarians! You nee to attend to these zombies created by the Demoncrats. LOLs!!!


This proves that DEFEAT is a DISEASE!
1st Stage – The loser become forgetful of what has happened;
2nd Stage – The loser invents stories as far as the imagination dictates;
3rd Stage – The loser finally looses sanity!


This place has gone bonkers and both sides are delusional if they dont believe they are both totally fucked up

Rick Rozoff

America's lumpenbourgeois stormtroopers and their Mephistophelian paymasters, George Soros and Tom Steyer, want blood in the streets and are accustomed to getting what they pay for.

Tommy Hill

Good, it's about time…a radical revolution is what's needed in the US… The ideology of the States' inspired many of us to be better, cooler, more lateral three-dimensional humans…now all we know is the corruption and lies that have been forced fed to us all, and subsequently left a bitter sweet taste in the 'social-pallet' of us ''Cultural Conisseur's'' left now 'shamefully hanging''. Looking drained and shamed, we now stand United. Wearing our Freedom, Liberty and Born in the USA T-shirts flagging….Well then Yeah!, we're pissed-off and tired of being 'Tolerant, Diplomatic and just down right victims' of what is… Read more »

Thomas Reno

He didn't even say anything about liberals like the title said. Fake news.

Jose Palacios

This is the best way for government to fully take over as long as we stay divided that usually will win divide and conquer


Liberals are as weak minded as they come. Stop lecturing me about how bad my ancestors were and what they did to create this country. I have never owned a slave or hurt a minority in my life. They make up problems that aren’t there because they have no other arguments besides republicans being racist or misogynistic or whatever other trigger words they like to throw around. It’s embarassing. They act like children.

michael sabella

WHen they get in your face give em a knee to the groin, really ….

michael sabella

Eric holder, are you kidding, running for Pres ?. GIve it a break and save your money. You DONT have a prayer, nomore of a chance then the criminal Hillary had becoming President….