‘US govt equates American people to enemy when it hides troops’ whereabouts’ – Ron Paul

President Trump has unveiled to Congress how many US troops are stationed abroad, only the biannual White House report ommitted some key figures: in the paragraphs talking about Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria – not a single number was given. Troop numbers were disclosed, though, for Jordan and Lebanon. READ MORE: https://on.rt.com/8ulo

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Brian Venson

Fuck you Russia need to know mean anything to you? How about loose lips fuck faces

Brian Venson

He did not have the need to know fuck faces

Corey Soze

Black Ops+ Deniability= Private Wars.

Master Big-Cock

Americanism is not Constitutionalism.
Be you a Patriot or a Socialist, you should be opposed to the Military Industral Complex.

m g



Fake news in so many ways I'm not even going to bother to explain.

K24 Accord

Dam right keep the numbers unknown fak u rt ..president doing ok on keeping it hiden

ImHonored 2bOnher

#keepourtroopshidden USA!!!!, bitchessssssss we run shit,,,so now yall know not to fuck with us were in your ville tooooo👍🇺🇸

dany manchster

Jealuse fuckin russians. Keep trailing us you fuckin failers. What a bunch of sad losers.

1113 Cntrl

Why the fuck would this kind of information need to be publicly known? So all the fucking towel heads can know where to attack? Only enemies of America want all our details publicly displayed.

J Thompson

Only a fool gives away vital info of troop placement. Especially with the amount of leaked information coming from the left. ( president Trump haters ).

Moses Castro

We need a revolution so they can bring Marshall law and have an excuse. Whos coming lol

Christopher Van Houten

Something a true American should think about not everything is a conspiracy our troops would not and could not fire on American citizens. Those in our government wanted to do harm they could at anytime with no warning yet nothing has happened, they maybe misguided in how to do what needs to be done, that does not make them evil out to only hurt you.

Jay Tab

This is a stupid story. RT starting to act more like CNN everyday

Upperpen Caregiver

Police State. Our jails are full time to fill the rest of the country's grave yards!


Why the hell isnt Ron Paul our president??? They cheated him!!!!!

Dale Erickson

need to know only ,

Red Bull

Bro these troops are safe coz they divorced 👃

David Holcomb

I will always support the underdogs in dislikes before I ever go libtard !!


I use to think maybe America and Russia could set aside differences and work together to make the world a safer and better place but clearly Russia isn't interested in peace they are interested in expanding their borders and if they could defeat America then I'm sure they would try but they know they would get fucked up

carole carroll

What government deploys a million at 150 bases. One that VIA payoff and lies TO OTHER COUNTRIES they want hegemony with ISRAEL.

Paintermanjoe Wolfman

yea right. I disagree with Ron Paul. some things ARE better left unknown. exposing troops could put their life in danger. Ron Paul is usually right on most things, but not telling bad countries all of our info, is not a bad thing. they don't tell us, why should we tell them.

Herr Wahnsinn

They aren't wrong. I am enemy of the US federal government.


16 years of useless "war on terror" without winning will be 20, bc US don't want to defeat the enemy like Russia did in Syria in a year.

Tuffy Mitchell

Ron Paul full of shit


DOD is lying they know where the troops are and the accounting! Bring our Troops home this is Peace Time. American soldiers shouldn't be in foreign countries should be here at home and stop going into wars and putting the debt on the American People that's your debt. War was Over a long time ago !!!

Cara higgs

Fifty years of occupation of Palestine? What about The ninety plus years of occupation of America and the two hundred years of economic dictatorship of the world. America should put an embassy in the real Israel capital Washington.

Wayne Mickel

What is hard for me to understand are people who join the military to begin with, what is wrong with these people they must be sick in the head. I will never honor our military we do not need to be all around the world, is it that hard to find a job or are the Youth indoctrinated to join in High school it is hard for me to understand why people even join the military I guess really they are hard-hearted and wicked from indoctrination or they think they will get all kinds of benefits even so they would… Read more »

Glenn Thomason

banks run the world . us currency will be rejected bye countries trying to get away from that us tyranny and oppression happening . the country is in debt up 2/its eyeballs , while the paper money machine keeps printing money . recipe for disaster. meanwhile that out of control military machine keeps stirring up shit all over the world , when it can't even fix simple domestic issues on its own soil . won't be long , countries will be running away from the US .

Glenn Thomason

hey u guys must not know ? the Rothschild's army ? fully funded , and guided under orders from the UN? it's three letters …….CIA. they can make people disappear overnight . showup in your country , suddenly bad things start to happen. and when shit gets crazy , and some news people ask questions….. they just say ….hey we are chasing terrorists …..have a nice day .