‘Terrible candidate’: Hacking has nothing to do with Clinton losing election – ex-CIA officer

Ex-CIA officer John Kiriakou on ODNI report (EXCLUSIVE)

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Her losing the election has to do with her fucking up as a candiate.


That silly bitch Clinton really thinks she had a chance?

Denny Hooven

It's like this, Hillary Clinton didn't need help to lose the election

Doogle Ticker

Love Russians & Russia, but don't understand why they allow Putin to continue, ad infinitum, to run a corrupt totalitarian kleptocracy. He did his job. He protected Yeltsin by granting him and his buddies immunity. Next dictator please. Need fresh ideas that don't include another cold war or invasion of border states "to protect ethnic Russians." Hitler used the same damned excuse, "protect ethnic Germans" to invade Austria, Czechoslovakia and even tried it for Poland (Danzig/Gdansk and the 'corridor'). History repeats itself? Best propaganda & engineered public opinion, wins… Hacking or not, everyone  lost the US election…suspect Satan runs the US for… Read more »

Jan Inge

listen to mr mcafee, he would know

Marc Wynts

Thought the elections couldn't be hacked??? wasn't that the narrative when Trump was saying dead people were voting Democratic… oh I see it's only a problem when your corruption failed and you didn't get elected. Keep up the truth RT. even if it means you stand alone. I have my family watching you all now. go RT

John Adams

It's all BULLSHIT!!. .
and now boy's and girls it's time play a little game I like to call , who's all going to Prison. =-O


The socialist shithead stooges (post modern democrats same as the old modern democrats) are stunned by their own arrogant ignorance… and their hate towards the American people who stood up to them.

Henry Reyneke

A great man is never acknowledged in his own town….Go Donald, blow the hell out of the DA and their buddies!!!!

Mushtaq Ahmad

All muslims believe Jesus is will Quran Sure No 19 V no 29 30 31 32 33 God bless you all no pary no Haven


Bunch of Jesuit Hacks trying to stir up shit and create scapegoats for their future intrigues


Does anyone know if methane is coming out of the arctic…, and with only ten years left…, will Trump finish his first four year term just the same…


Where the fuck is Boma…, and is the Trump administration going to pay for all these climate change disasters…

հokцƽ ρokus

Trump better lock that witch up.

Thundercloud Optical

Russians hack election: wild goose chase. Hillary loves it, for the CEO of Clinton Foundation has gone missing. Maybe he did the hacking then she had him knocked off.


The DNC dont let facts about access to their server get in the road of their BullShit.
Obama has done a wonderful job of destroying the very institutions he was INFECTED and empowering to disrupt opposition to the DNC tyranny. Hoisted with their own petard comes to mind. 😉

Nelson Flores

Seth Rich was one of the revealers of the democrats e-mails. I'm sure there was many more fed up with Hillary as a candidate.

Lishka Klein

the MSM helped her lose by claiming that she would mop the floor with Trump. that discouraged people from bothering to vote.

Golden Arts

Yes, you can actually say that the right wing media did effect the outcome of the election that happened in USA when Donald Trump won, thanks to you many voted for him. But if we are gonna compare to what the LEFT media did to get hillary to win and what hillary herself did to secure her victory the right media barely touched the subject at all. Hillary brought in so many actors, artists and other "famous" people to speak for her, even young actors spoke to try and grab all the young voters that havent the capacity to see… Read more »

catbgood 53

It was her LIES catching up to her that cost her the election.

The National Razor

The US military industrial complex needs to scare people so they can make money. It goes back to when the Bush admin were too busy trying to restart the cold war to consider the reports of imminent terrorist threats.

Grant Cooper

Anybody find the Washington Post article they discussed around 8:30?

I gotta see this list myself, this is ridiculous.

George Little

China created vietcongs hidden and shooting americans in the back

China create libs accusing Russia to provoka war against USA and take Alaska to punish the imperialists and put a foot near the white females

George Little

even with heavy cheatings, libs cucks are beaten by the clean Trump

libs cucks even cheat after their defeat, blaming the russians but cheering for their chinese masters


that dude is just shitting on the liers and the CTRL left… fucking epic… Cant do that on MSNBC or CNN.. get ur feed cut

Boere plaas

Russia this and RUSSIA that.  God why are Americans so obsessed with Russia ?  Seems to me they have a total paranoia thing going on. Me thinks Americans are shit scared of the big bad Russian bear. For what I don't know.

John Woodhead

Hacking?…there ain't none! How can anyone even consider it when there is no proof and the original source of the allegation is such a fountain of honesty and truth,look what happened to Saunders…..politicians they are all devious,the number one democracy? What a joke they are all masters of the con trick,coming from the country that gave the world "the mother of all parliaments" and the world's first major central bank,those of us who are really on the ball know it is all a very rich man's trick,right from the very start

David Wittman

The msm goes on and on about Russia "hacking the election" while totally ignoring the fact that what really happened was someone (not Russia) exposed the extreme corruption of the Dims which is what lost her the election. They don't talk about the corruption, they only want to talk about who exposed it.


I am soooo tired of hearing the garbage about Russia, I don't believe it at all. This isn't the Cold War anymore folks!

Titus Tiger The world according to my view.

Our government and the Democratic Party needs someone to blame like Russia! Our country is not a banana republic for Russia or other country to interfere our election!! They doesn't even have proof about hawking so how they will have proof about Russia damaging our democracy? Is a disgrace that Russia has to pay for the sins of the world!!

sweety black

hilary was and is a P O S .. If any one was to blame for her loosing it should be HER.. If she had of been a totally squeaky clean politician NO ONE would of been able to get any dirt on her..But SHE WAS NOT she lied (to congress multiple times ) each time a felony then she took Bribes,, payoffs,, and kickbacks and arranged to have u s military hardware stole (Benghazi ) and got people indirectly killed ,, she took 120 million dollars form Saudi Arabia for what favors in return????she broke at least 20 laws… Read more »

sweety black

WHAT IS THE REAL REASON OBAMA AND OTHERS WANT A WAR WITH RUSSIA?????? It is NOT HACKING …china HACKS the USA thousands of times each day now and has been ever increasing for the past 3 years and we hear nothing about a war with CHINA… AGAIN WHAT IS REAL REASON ???? RT? pipeline to europe? what ? help prevent a war RT.. SPILL THE BEANS,, we know you have to know the real reason ,,( what, does it make you look bad)? or make us look bad,, so what that is better than a war!!!!,REAL REASON???


Both the Dems and the Repubs serve as lap dogs to their biggest donors who are an elitist establishment. That establishment wants war. So when any politician starts their frantic "anti-Russian" tantrum, it is only code for "we want our war". It is not Russia that is the main threat to our so-called, "Democracy." It is our very own politicians that comprise both parties who only serve to create cognitive dissonance among the populace to distract from their unified efforts to be imperialist warmongers all to satisfy their insane greed for power and money. The populace is used for taxes… Read more »


Exactly, the same person that said we are nnot being spied on is now asking us to believe him. Probably just a piece in a scheme to justify the spying on Americans. Blame everything on the Russians

Richard Cremer