‘Stirring up trouble’: US intelligence has no proof of anything – Ron Paul on ‘Russian hacking’

The US intelligence community has released the unclassified findings of its investigation into what it says was Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election, hours after President-elect Donald Trump received a briefing on the probe.
The ODNI devoted seven pages to RT and its influence on the election “by serving as a platform for Kremlin messaging to Russian and international audiences.” The report claimed “Russian media made increasingly favorable comments about President-elect Trump as the 2016 US general and primary election campaigns progressed while consistently offering negative coverage of Secretary Clinton.”
During a press conference Monday, WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange criticized the recent ODNI report describing it as “quite embarrassing to the reputations of the US intelligence services.”

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regolo gellini

Great Dr Paul as usual . The voice of reason . Too bad he never got the top job !

Ali Sultan

No one asked for proofs when they said WMD in Iraq and pulled this bullshit war on poor helpless people who could not defense them selves. why is there no wars with North Korea, and Russia because they have planes and technology so it's always negotiations. If Afghanistan would have been involved in US elections there would have another invasion. shame on these people they are making all Americans look bad.

mick park

Sycopathic governments, cramed with sociopaths, standing on pillars of morons $ !

Numa P

The Americans that are running the system are Criminals and Disgusting War Mongering Psychopaths and Demons from HELL… People around the world are right in saying that USA is the Great Satan<>WE only seek wars around the Planet… America is the Problem on Earth NOT RUSSIA nor the rest of the world… Thank God for Americans like Ron Paul, and Paul Craig Roberts.

Mike Green

There are no e-mails in this report against Trump!Mainly insinuations and assumptions with no verifiable witnesses or credible facts!On the other hand,Wikileaks supplied more than 50,000 e-mails that are verifiable electronic transmissions that can be traced from the source IP address to it's intended recipient's IP address and the servers that carried these messages….

Mik Mm Ik

crazy and Obama passed a law against fake news…but he was all about this fake shit

Alastair Carnegie

If it is time for the truth, we need to face facts. Economics Professor, Loretta Napoleoni was tasked with auditing the Black Economy. Back in Y2K the figure was $1.5 Trillion US Dollars p.a. That was only the figures available for audit. The tip of an iceberg. The figue broke down into $0.5 Tn. each for Narcotics, People Trafficking (The old slave trade of old) and then Money Laundering. (Often in legitimate Casinos) Sir Winston Churchill always got very lucky, after granting astonishingly generous Mineral Extraction Concessions from all over The British Empire!  This Shadow Government System dates back to… Read more »

Jacky Flowers

Thank you, Senator Ron Paul. I appreciate your honesty and thought towards All nations.You are a man of integrity.Bless you, Sir.

Rafael Camilo

When they start fabricating lies just like they did with Iraq. They up to something. Insanity, craziness is prevailing in the capital terrorist of the world Washington.

Cephas Dlamini

The problem is that us the parents are still harbouring a lot of hate for other nations and by so doing we are used by the leaders we elected to contribute into all these unjust wars and fake news. Can anyone tell me what is the problem with the RUSSIANS? Today the whole civilised world should happily unite to kill them for what reason because a few rich people think it's ok? Hell no! Well I speak to you as an ex-combatant when war breaks we will regret why we didn't stand against this craziness. May be its Allah at… Read more »


The Media created a FALSE HOOD and said it's REAL !! AMERICA VOTED T R U M P W I N S DUE TO HE IS A ALPHA !
Make America Great Again M A G A !!! Russia be Patient this ends on January 20th AND STILL BE AWARE AND
READY TO CHOKE OUT OBAMA !! I Hate I voted for him in 2008 Hate myself for being so Manipulated by this Propaganda

Patricia Baron

Just goes to show American intelligence is crap


YES. On point Paul.

John B

We need more people like Ron Paul,  thats what i think!  Truth is a good thing, unless your a Crook!

Dejan G

USA is a tyrrany and Americans are the most controlled people in the world. GOd bless RUSSIA.

Luke Skywalker-Thwaits

unnecessary antagonisms between US and Russia now. Please bring back more of a feeling of world peace. Let's go January 20th, and beyond. I've watched all of Putins videos reaching out for a dialogue with the media in North America, and I have a lot of respect for Putin. Maybe Putin will let me move to russia with my dogs? Canadian media is scaring me lately because of their alliance with the US. All the lying to my face and playing stupid with the public is out of control and a disgrace. Canadians think they are so smart, but are… Read more »


Obama and dems are liberal disgusting people..

Dragoon TV

that's right! corrupt governments you ain't hiding no more if you kill Trump you would be making a bad mistake in this era because this era is different if one more president is killed it will destroy public trust forever and shutting down the internet, grid or TV will only make it worse you can't hide forever! people will always remember the JFK incident and blackmails won't work anymore trust me there will be a time where all the brainwashed soldiers wake up from their duty and decided to say fuck it!

Tom Messimer

Did Russia "hack" into servers? Absolutely, as did every other nation with the slightest technical capability. Did we hack into any foreign server that we could? Of course. Do we use this information for propaganda purposes? Absolutely. Does Russia do the same? You're brain dead if you think they don't. Did a Russian hack influence the election? The is absolutely no proof of this. Information released from Wikileaks is truth and could have influenced the direction of the elections. But, I will tell you this… Trump won the election because the votes were to ensure Clinton did not get in,… Read more »

Jean Louise

Evidence or none, it doesn't mean that Russia is good or that Putin is a good King who acts in the best interests of the people. The same goes for USA. So could it be that maybe they are both bullies and Putin and Trump will be the two bullies who team up and clobber all the little guys and take what they want? Maybe ISIS will be their licence blessed by the people…but what next?Make no mistake, the idea of Russia and USA putting away their enmities sounds good. Peace is always better. But if DT believes in peace… Read more »

John B

I Think the Military Industrial Complex is behind all this fake news. The greed has made them go insane to the point of ending Human Life,

Daniel Banas

Totally agree with Ron Paul.


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Bitoni Lane

clinton has been after putin for tampering in elections ever since i can remember the name putin.. but
her main donor, george soros has been caught rigging elections in other countries.. its odd. almost like she points fingers and makes accusations of others that she is really doing.
research it

Alexandre Le Burel

Go Ron Paul..!!

Robert Tolassi

here's our answer about Russian hacking .now that USA n Russia .back n forth sanctions Putin n trump at odds .russia .n Iran save Syria .now Israel Zionist based media n USA .y no more Russia hacking helping trump .

Robert Tolassi

Ron Paul .said it t .he dibnt support trump .but b. he supports what he said.2 party system .condusive for corruption n division dems win republican sabotage n vice versa .its like their dancin


Thank you Dr Ron Paul for repeatedly standing up for the honesty and integrity of Julian Assange and Wikileaks…one of the very few US commentators with a spine.

Kevin Tate

It is so sad that I have to go to a Russian funded news source for honest reporting. The mainstream media is worthless propaganda. Ron Paul would have made a awesome president and I don't understand why he never made it through the primaries. Ron is down to earth and he calls it like it is. Dam he never got the chance to really make a difference for the United States.

Kevin Tate

It is ironic how the finger is getting pointed at Russia for interfering with the u.s. Election. The United States has been fixing elections, putting dictators in that are loyal to the United States. Coups, and the outright killing of people that are not pro American. Whether Russia did it or not how can the United States actually be upset about it? Ron is right on the point that the mainstream media is propaganda pure and simple. Ron Paul calling it fake news is awesome to hear. The mainstream media has been doing this for years and now with tech… Read more »