‘Root of all evil? US intervention, not Assad’ – Ron Paul University director to RT

The US State Department blames the Syrian government for the rise of Islamic State. Meanwhile, America carries out bombings in Syria, launching strikes from a base in Turkey. Daniel McAdams, executive director of Ron Paul University shares his perspective

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Classic Strategist

Please Russia! Send military support to syria to help Assad.

Groundskeeper Willie

I think mass media is greater threat to US security than ISIS 🙂 Throw in some well -paid CIA operatives and you have it ….

José Dourado

Lol the guy can't deny his Russian face, with the words Ron Paul at the background lolol.
Russia can continue to supply those people with weapons calling USA The terrorists, hilarious
Ask to the people of síria that are running away to Europe who is killing them. ISIS, and Assad supported by Russia and Iran. Don't pretend to be the good guys.

寺 烈一条

British SAS Special Forces “Dressed Up as ISIS Rebels” Fighting Assad in Syria
Corbett Report
British special forces caught dressed as Arab "terrorists"
“Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East

Steel CAD

Lost for Efin Words to write? ISIL did not Exist until the Yanks Got Involved

Tommy Cease

Ron Paul and Rand are developmentally disabled when it comes to foreign policy. The only thing this clown said that was right was "I don't know I don't know"

Din MS

Now we know why Iran calls America the Great Satan.
Hmm…remember the Venezuelan Hugo Chavez…???


the obese alcoholic Danny McAdams is the root of all evil. Deport him to Russia.

Buddy Floyd

The most evil nation in the world today is my country , the good old USA.

c pavao

It's the Jews that did 911 the Jews hide behind a curtain USA give them a blank check the Jews are responsible whatever happens because the suckers hijacked America how come you not expect the Jews don't get inspected s nuclear the Jews top secret 911 the five dancing Jews the very happy juice watching the Twin Towers come down videotaping to bring back to the land they don't belong to just come by Jews take a train to Germany try to steal land and then call it the promised land so the Jews promised land I saw a video… Read more »

Comrade Geany

Root of all evil? Is this a joke? How armed, created supported and founded the ISIS for example and every global threat, how created this mess and raged for the destabilization of the regions? How fabricated the current events against Syria and against millions that suffer now because Imperialist rages and Capitalist Profits? They blame Syria in those cases, and we can see why, because Syria refused to obey the Imperialist raging powers, and to accept the Capitalist misery and terms of surrender, and keep the Struggle standing every day! Thats way! And do you even think that those puppet… Read more »

c pavao

The USA owns Isis why you think they got all that weapon and now Isis and Syria is getting ass kicked now USA what's a bomb the people trying to pretend that country from Isis USA going to bomb the other side so Isis can survive USA in the juice have too much involved Isis CIA FBI and so on the USA and the Jews trying to protect Isis why does America want to bomb Syria I think of us no brainer

Franky Barbee

¡Viva los Estados Unidos Méxicanos wey!

Stephen Harper

America is behind every war since the end of WW2.

Julberry Juan

Is the Kurds really against ISIS? As far as i know they are descendants of saladin… This is a Great oppurtunity for Russia and USA to bring back christianity in Syria and Iraq.. You wont defeat ISIS not unless you change the spirit… The revenge attacks of Orthodox christians on terrorists are most likely for attacking the 4 most holiest places of Christendom..

Walter Keijzer

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm FOOOOODDDD

Walter Keijzer

i love my foooddddddddd

Walter Keijzer


Artemirr Lazaris

US is under foreign control by psycho paths that have their own agenda. The people of the democratic nation no longer live ina democratic nation. The descendants of Soloman are quite malicious in killing and rooting nations and people apart. Let's track 19 century businesses that sold Lead based paints and cocaine to the public as a good thing. These people already know the harmful affects of chemicals in the body. THe question is the motive. They act like the unloved dog, that go around destroying beauty and minds of people for a control state of slavery. That to itself… Read more »

Jacob d'Autriche

Go RT, go! We will survive WWIII and hang them all!

Ignotum per ignotius

Like all evil empires, America will collapse. I just can't wait for that day. The scary thing is that even if you cut US military in half, its still has a higher budget than all the rest of the world combined. American empire is soooo damn desperate to continue raping us all in the ass. lol

shiek rabbani

USA cannt do fuck all in syria bcoz there are more than 200thousand  iranian troops in syria waiting to fight  plus mighty hezboallaha so where is usa and its allies will run ? AS soon as syria is attack ,russia,iran,china nth korea will defend syria .

starship trooper

now Assad is a bad guy! A few years ago, Tony Blair was asking the Queen to honour him! I don't think he is any ''angel'' but I wonder what any country leader would do when foreigners, whose sole motive is to destablize the government, calling it ''Arab Spring''promote an uprising in their country. http://www.thesundaytimes.co.uk/sto/news/uk_news/National/article1072174.ece

Злая Жучка

As a person who does his own research and learning history, I agree with that dude

Jake Lucas

As long as the US keeps doing Israel's bidding, this will never stop.

Mo Smith

everyone is afraid to voice any support for Assad He is far better than just about any other middle east ruler