Ron Paul: US lost legitimacy to lecture other nations on law & democracy

Watch Ron Paul’s full interview on SophieCo here
While Ukraine is caught in socio-political whirlwind, Russia is locked in a standoff with US. We talk to a very special guest on SophieCo. Former US Congressman, presidential candidate and legend of American politics, Ron Paul.



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its really funny when American goverment bombs and interfiere with other countries like catholic church and inquisition did.
In that time, the church invades other countries "in the name of god" and killed, imprisioned and tortured non convenient people accusing them for "heresy".

Today, American goverment changes "in the name of god" for  "In the name of freedom"

and also change "heresy" for "terrorism".

the same excuse to invade, kill, and torture with different motto.


Asian countries aren’t being flooded with non-Asians, and Asians forced to integrate with them so as to “assimilate,” i.e. intermarry and be blended out of existence, and any Asian who protests that genocide of his people called a racist who opposes “diversity.”African countries aren’t being flooded with non-Africans, and Africans assimilated by force out of existence, and any African who protests that genocide called a hater who opposes “diversity.”This is being done only to Whites in White countries, by people who say they’re anti-racist, but are really anti-white.Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.Diversity is a code word for White… Read more »

Michael Zimmermann

Thank you very much Ron.
I agree. How can the American government who is the largest terrorist organization on the planet expect to lecture any nation on right and wrong. Bunch of criminals.

Denis Kristofic

again, sheeple its time to wake up…
Ron Paul was inside job…
9/11 for president 

Invincible for Truth

Who the hell is Russia based on the vast history of press and voter suppression to be asking a well known American Former Congressman about "democracy"?  It is Putin world and Putin worship that engulfs a significant percentage of Russia.  I may like RT for much of its great reporting, but I am a fair guy too.  Is it possible Sophie could stop playing her "Oh look at me, I am the latter incarnation of Audrey Hepburn".  There is stoical and then there is stuck up. 🙂


If you're surprised & wondering why over a 100 comments and not ONE american called Ron Paul a "traitor"?! The answer is: americans crave attention & praise…and even though Ron Paul didn't say anything new, and even though a lot of people say the same accusation against america but Ron Paul makes people praise him and wish him to be a president…so in their mind that's okay…Ron Paul gets a pass.However, people like Noam Chomsky, Daniel Ellsberg, Scott Ritter and even someone like Michael Moore who can hardly be described as an "activist"…all of them get labeled as "traitors"!!! All… Read more »


The world will adopt U.S.(united Slavery) Laws and policy and BOOM the world has fell into the TRAP = New WORLD ORDER is to kill at will cause that is man moral and ethic.  


Old news, Russia and its people clearly don't give a s about laws and democracy also and were full of it the entire time.


US never had legitimacy to lecture other nations on law and democracy… They are the ones who got their land through genocide of the natives who lived there first…

Paul Colourzone

Why is it so hard for Americans to get the point about Ukrane???
If The American government had said to Putin let's leave the Unkranian people to fend for themselves, Putin would have happily agreed like it happened in Syria.
But the whole point of this NATO exercise is to turn Ukraine into another missile defense system country on the border with Russia…If IO was Putin, I would say Fuck Off too. 

Mack Jack

I'd like to help Sophie get her panties out of a wad.

jefe Anson

Us totally ignores their people about our economic policies and debt, ron paul asks these questions and demand's that they be answered, showing that he is a leader of the people and asking for transparency in which this fraud Obama claimed to run on. The fact is that Ron Paul doesn't insult and mock the people of America nor does he mock other countries.The fact that Ron Paul Openly in public asks these questions and force's answers out of our government show's that he represents the people and is on our side and not acting like he's part of the… Read more »

Sparky MV

I don't really support Ron Paul's motives but he does have a point that the US isn't exactly the best role model when it comes to foreign policy and whatnot (anymore)


Ron Paul is such a nice old man

Dolph RuSr

Intelligent man

Kooll Klarko

hehehehh  Ron Paul.


People who work for a corrupt and illegitimate system are corrupt themselves. You cannot revive a dead horse with new blood."When once a republic is corrupted, there is no possibility of remedying any of the growing evils but by removing the corruption and restoring its lost principles; every other correction is either useless or a new evil." – Thomas Jefferson Ron Paul is NOT the answer. Replacing this government is. Ron Paul talks a LOT about the CONstitution, but the answer is in the DECLARATION. "Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and… Read more »

Edward E

IMMIGRATION = = = = = Just means LESS White people.
MULTICULTURALISM = Just means LESS White people.
DIVERSITY = = = = = = Just means LESS White people.
INTEGRATION = = = = = Just means LESS White people.
ASSIMILATION = = = = = Just means LESS White people.
RACE-MIXING = = = = = Just means LESS White people.
Anti-Racist is a code for Anti-White


“When it can be said by any country in the world, my poor are happy, neither ignorance nor distress is to be found among them, my jails are empty of prisoners, my streets of beggars, the aged are not in want, the taxes are not oppressive, the rational world is my friend because I am the friend of happiness. When these things can be said, then may that country boast its constitution and government.”
― Thomas Paine, Rights of Man


It's quite clear that when the US talk about – International Law – they consider that it applies only to certain other Nations – they certainly don't believe it applies to themselves and their Allies – Total Hypocrites…..!


Understatement of the 21st century Mr. Paul


If anyone is interested in how many conflicts the USA has been in take a look at this

The deck to the 16th power

 Ron Paul has a good heart.  I use to play this game prince of Persia and got to one of the end bosses very fast. The boss was a shadow image of your character. My friends couldn't believe I got to it so fast and would give me tons of ideas on how to beat it. One late night when I was alone, I wanted to give up on it and felt so frustrated. Then thought if it really was my shadow why would I want to hurt it. I put my characters sword away and walked right into the shadow… Read more »

Samuel kings

This old cow , Ron Paul , why don't the idiot move to Russia


The US only THINKS it ever EVER had the right to judge other countries, whats that saying…"dont get too cocky!" The audacity, the nerve to think they ever since their start as a nation had a right to judge other countries, the US should look at its OWN history and where its at now! America was NOT and IS STILL NOT God and never will be no matter how much of a "superpower" it thinks it was or is. For everyone who lives there who has never ever travelled outside their country should just keep quiet about other countries and… Read more »


As usual Dr. Paul is on the dot correct. I think that there shall be a tremendous backlash on the States in the end. No "Empire" lasts forever. I hate to think of the coming consequences to the States for the irrational behavior of its federal government.

leonard euler

Well now the US has created a mess in Russia's backyard and Russia will have to clean it up; the people in the industrial heartland of Eastern Ukraine want to be with Russia it seems; well it is their choice; they are Russian ; they can decide that; now Russia will have to solve these problems over the next few months other wise this mess will linger on for 200 hundred years…..thanks a lot for nothing…..

leonard euler

Like in Afghanistan where the election is a joke ; they are going to tabulate results over the next few weeks…..nobody voted in the South and many people cast votes in the north multiple times… if Abdullah Abdullah is passed by the CIA he will be president like that ex CIA guy Karzai who was with CIA since 1980 as well all know…..otherwise they will take the old one Zalmay or some former war lord…

leonard euler

In the end all that matters is that Afghanistan will need 4 billion dollars a day to run the fake economy they have currently; and the US middle class will mostly be funding that till one they wake up and the money stops and than in over a decade or two this whole fake structure will collapse….that is inevitable……

leonard euler

The Russians should be fearless and go in; if they know for sure that a region is ethnic Russian and overwhelmingly supports them; if it does support them than it is morally tenable but support should be very strong indeed; otherwise such a reason will be a burden and the cause is not morally supportable…..

leonard euler

If they do go in the right regions bravely it will be with them for the next 1000 years while the sanctions and so on will wither away in a decade or two; if the people in a particular region of Ukraine are with them and want to be with Russia they have the moral argument….the rest is what they calculate…..good luck to them may things go smoothly…..


Ron Paul lost credibility with many people when he raised nary a peep after he got raped in the NH and Iowa primaries.

bob .right

It is not Russia, terrorist or criminals that is taking our freedoms & liberties away from us. It is the corrupt USA politician & law enforcement. All politician from mayor up wants to be a little dictator. All policemen are lazy psychopaths that love to kill people. People the enemy of our Constitution are the little dictator politicians & lazy ass psychopath policemen. When SHTF it's going to be the politician & policemen that's going to kill us & and they will love doing it.

Troy's Vlog and travel

I wish Ron Paul is our Pres.

Giovanni Foulmouth



With all respect for Mr Ron Paul,if I was American he would be the least likely candidate I elect for president,UNLESS I am ready to substitute short term desires,hand outs and privileges for the more sustainable,equitable and peaceful future…of course this is a painful journey,a sacrifice and a choice only the minority are willing to take.

F Zentura

Come on!  Who takes #USAUSA  seriously saying "get out of their backyard!"  In reality Russia is in its own backyard!