Ron Paul: US knows ‘more than it’s telling’ over MH17 crash

Washington’s being accused of hiding the truth about the Malaysian plane crash in eastern Ukraine. Former US presidential candidate and congressman Ron Paul claims the government knows more than its letting on.


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Lord Azoun

Yep soon as i heard it i knew we had something to do with it or knew what really happened. Our government lies about everything. 

R Lionheart

Unless Russian representatives were present at the time the MH17 flight data and voice recorders were analyzed the results are dubious. Western powers have had plenty of time to cook the information obtained from the recorders. Why has the un-tampered with data not been released by now?  The issue is not even being discussed any longer as if evidence discovered is inconsistent with western rhetoric. 

Phon Xieng

american public is fucking retarded and STUPID on yahoo google their so anti russia just because their media tells them to


when have they ever ?

MissBee Havin

Putin TOLD us he wanted to reunite the soviet block countries while running for his first time so I do not think there is any arguing of that point. He walked into Georgia like he already owned it and warning went out then that the Ukraine was next and Obama and democrats scoffed at the idea.  

Dont Threaten Me

There is NO DOUBT the criminals in this incident is the Ukraine military assisted by the USA to shift focus and grounds to further show Russia as the aggressor. some morons however will continue to buy USA Zionist propaganda


Go Ron Paul. So sad he never became president. His sanity is needed!

Azula Quaza

wtf has the U.S have to do with a plane crash in FUCKING EASTERN EUROPE you russians are really stupid to fall for a blame of a country an ocean away 


Had you only voted for Ron Paul, dimwits…

Alex Falcone

MH17 and MH370 are probably the same planes. One used instead of the other. 


It is of the interest of the US of A to severe Russian and European ties. 
Keeping the Russian as well as the EU economy weak so they can forever be the number one economy of the world.

Andy H

Want to really KNOW the truth?……..Listen to Ron Paul.

Keely Betham

Hahaha Carpe Diem always posts nonsense, the first rebuttal he receives always has more than triple the thumbs up as his first naive opinion lol troll.

jufri rayyan

Americans and Israelis are behind it. They orchestrated it to try and justify invading ukraine under the NATO banner

Joy Boomsma

777 no good airplane to many bugs ?

Joy Boomsma

can cost boeing to much to update or patch it ?

Joy Boomsma

or is it a failure implemented for nsa ?


Ron Paul is more trustworthy than any politician in this government.


thats why obama went to holland whit a bit of luck we can take douwn  ouwr president as weli see them guilty as hellmaking a deal aboud it bc duche poleticans were on the ground in when the nazies in kieve toke power even cheering them on and obama came to holland to see mark rutte and thats a dirty EU snake blody communist in my country the enemy is wit in us o en and in holland thy police kipnap you no arest KIPNAP thy wil hold you in a police jail for as long as thy like no trail no… Read more »

Mike Cimerian

Each time you post an answer Carpus gets a bigger check.

Fran Dx

SHAME ON FUCKING USA's GOV. Whole fucking world knows the truth except your indoctrinated ameripigs. The root of evil needs to be nuked, the white house will burn and a new world order will appear. OPEN YOUR EYES. 


the U.S. and the government in Kiev shot down mh17 and blame it on Russia.

David King

Of course they do.  They also know what happened to the other Malaysian plane that disappeared.  Disappeared between two US spy bases lol.


Knows more? Well, of course, considering elements within the govt planned and organised the false flag.

Charles Rogers

Hi Carpe Diem – With regards to Dr.Ron Paul, he is an outstanding politician, he has been warning the US citizens for the last 30 OD years of the dangers they are heading for, and has never changed his tune. So instead of criticising Dr. Paul rather do some research on the gentleman. Regards – South Africa


@TheGoldenKing20…. Learn to use the word Literally correctly. Not everyone shares your opinion. Fact: Some people don't care to listen, and some people choose to be sheep.

shane manners

The powers that be  in the wold today is trying to sell you and me a war… I don't hate Russians, Americans the west or the east….I hate control freaks, liars, thieves, ego maniacs and manipulators! 

Jime Adams

We have so much surveillance watching Russia and it's neighbors from land, sea, air and space. I'm positive we know the truth, but they will never tell us. RT is stating the obvious here. I thought perhaps their was another leak in our "No Such Agency" or any other intelligence gathering community. Ron Paul should be president! I fucking love this guy! 

Andy Smith-Akins

The Zionist controlled US military will do as their criminal banksters over lords tell them too. At Least Russia don't take orders from criminal psychopaths like to U S does everyday.


Why I can't find this video in Russian? Please give me a link if it's exist.


of course they hiding the truth we have a US Government full of liars ,murders.and crazy jerks what else is new…

Will Nair

There has never been a time in history that one nation was the stand alone super power (USA).

The Soviet Union was the counter balance during the cold war, and the Russian Federation seems to be (along with other nations) the counter balance in recent times.

Obviously the US isn't happy about the emergence of nations that could reduce them from the status of a stand alone super power.

In World Politics there must always be a balance of power.
If there isn't a balance it somehow always corrects itself…through peaceful means or war (usually the latter).

Sounthone Lothirath

US media sucks balls, you always hear conflicting reports. So far RT has my ears.


Nothing said in this video made any sense until I used the Infowars logic. Looting and rioting is now a first amendment right.


why  is the like button  shut  down?

Michael Zimmermann

Funny thing how the terrorist American government went all quiet once it was revealed that a Ukraine jet shot down the airliner.

Tony Wood

And Ron Paul knows less than he's telling.

Sick Rantorum

It was Russia. RT is literally state propaganda, ofcourse they wouldn't admit it.