Ron Paul: US has no right to lecture on Ukraine because of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya

Please note: Interview was recorded before Liz Wahl quit RT America.
The US, Russia and the European Union are all posturing with rhetoric about the crisis in Ukraine. But in the US, critics say we should stay on the sidelines and let the interim Ukrainian government deal with their own issues. One of those critics is former Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas). He tells RT that he thinks the US is hypocritical for lecturing Russia for a violation of sovereignty. Take a listen to what else the libertarian-leaning politician has to say about US involvement in Ukraine.

About Abby Martin, Liz Wahl and media wars

RT reacts to anchor Liz Wahl quitting on air


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My newest video totally DEBUNKS libertarianism and morons such as Ron Paul, watch it.


Hopefully Rand Paul learned from his dad (Ron Paul), because the US is digging its own grave. We (USA) need to mind our own business and change our foreign policy.


I like Ron Paul, I think he's a genuinely good guy. I agree with him that much our foreign policy is manipulating other countries politics for the benefit of the US and EU; so we think. Maybe we should back-off from the Ukraine, but I don't think we should ignore it either. Although I think Putin wants to bring stability within the Ukraine, you can't say for sure what that entails down the line. He may want to destabilize the current gov and replace with one that has Russia's interests; maybe one that would want to unify with Russia, like… Read more »

Brian Stine

I love western Ukraine. I was there less than a month ago teaching English, and I grew attending a Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in America. I've also had the pleasure working along side with Ukrainians(East and West) and Russians in a work abroad program in the USA. That said, I can proudly say I voted for RP in 2012, and I would do so again in a heart beat. But the other day I heard RP talk about Crimea on book TV  and it angered me. He has no idea what the history has been between the two countries. But what I do respect… Read more »

bruno zoekteenjob

Was Obama also against war before he was president?
If Ron Paul should be president, should he be against accept money from the taxpayer?
Should he agree with 7,5 dollar par hour?


Despite Liz Wahl stated that Russia was invading Crimea, which clearly is a factual lie, she wasn't censored and Ron Paul  was statisfied with the final version of the interview, which Wahl claimed that the network censored a great deal of it. If she was a professional journalist she will regret her decision of quitting RT, because I doubt  very much that U.S mainstream media will let her have such editorial freedom. By the way, where is Liz Wahl working now? In the other hand, Abby Martin use her right to say what she believes in, no matter if what… Read more »

WendyO GoffO

I love Ron Paul!!! He is a good man plain and simple!!!

Daniel Sol

No, no, w3 would be fine. We need the stimulus.. Without globalist, US, intervention we be broke and we all love war don't we..

Ruben Soto

I agree with Ron Paul.  Let Ukraine separate into East and West or whatever.  Let the Pro-Russians develop their own country and Ukraine can do all the westernizing they want.  It is a revolution like the United States had with Great Britain.  Isis is different.  The U.S. should get involved because it is genocide against Christians.  The same way, let the illegals from Mexico get citizenship.  At some point, it will reach a point of saturation in which Latin Americans will get bored about coming to the United States.  They will then decide to solve their own problems themselves.  Let's… Read more »

Tony TheBrave

I was in New York 4 years ago, you have even a museum look inside as if everything there are  trophies on display from your numerous lootings. Unfortunately, I come from Ukraine, and historically, this is a part of ancient Russia, the former its center. And for this reason it will never be your reliable ally. I never voted for Putin, but what have you done with Ukraine was a an element of Big Game, when you have done everything to make it plundered Russia without paying the debts for gas. Their authorities decided not to pay at all and go to the coal, which is… Read more »


Ron Paul, one of the very few conservatives I believe would have fixed the US's issues. I am a centre leaning left kinda guy on the political spectrum but I think Ron is one of those rare guys that I would agree on a lot of stuff with.

Frodo baggins

except Russia has done zero imperialism, so the USA has no reason to bitch at all. 


Ron Paul should be president RIGHT NOW!!!
It would safe many innocent lifes!..


Ron Paul my president!

Ro Nom

Liz Wahl, a CIA plant, was fuming – almost could see the smoke coming out of her – with all the truth coming out of Ron Paul.

Lynette TheMadScientist

If we give up on Ukraine, Russia will take it.
I like Ron Paul's ideas for small government but this extreme non-interventionism is ridiculous. Wherever there's a revolution or civil war you HAVE to take a side because otherwise there's a power vacuum and someone else will take advantage of it.
Abandoning Ukraine to Russian oppression is irresponsible and near-sighted considering that Russia having an allied Ukraine would give them global power. Remember the last time Russia had global power? Yeah, a lot of oppression and miserable people who are still suffering from the consequences today.


I'm an educated, experienced American, but what these stupid bastards in our Congress are trying to do with sanctions against Russia, is one of the most disgusting things I have ever heard about our "representatives" ! I hope the Germans, and the rest of the world, realize that the American PEOPLE don't support these filthy pigs we have in government. Everyone, world-wide, needs to understand that our American government,probably since the very beginning, has been run by criminals who have fooled the people, lied to the entire world, and kept the truth from everyone by controlling all the media. Now,… Read more »

Ray Poota

Vladimir Putin is a killer


why why why couldn't this man have been President WHHHYYY!!!!

Darryl Jackson

Ron Paul should be president of the world.