Ron Paul: US $1bn aid for Ukraine wasted money, not the rich who give it

Washington has prepared a 1 billion dollar aid package for Ukraine. But former US presidential candidate Ron Paul tells RT the cash would be better spent elsewhere.

WATCH the full interview with Ron Paul on Monday (April 7th).


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RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.

Original Youtube video here.

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That 1B$ is  American food stamp funding.
Damn it! Im hungry! But I must do my duty and learn what it means to be a "Super Patriot". For the Mother Land!


Ron Paul should include the $5 Billion spent on organizing the US Regime's Nazi troops to destroy Ukraine's government. So that's $6 Billion of pure waste – all for the opportunity of further $Billions of waste thrown down the military black hole in the East of Europe.


Ron, the rich and the poor, are not giving this money, the banks (the true power behnd our "government" and your bosses) print it out of thin air. The debt will never be paid off, so it doesn't matter how much they print and give away. The taxes of the average American are meaningless to the people who can print all they want for their own purposes. Ron, you need a new out look on life and stop shilling for a system that was dead 40 years ago and corrupted 100 years ago and a false reality 200 years ago.… Read more »


Intelligent life in US-America? Wtf.

Genghis Su

finance political uprising abroad and let your own people suffer with no health care or social security, that's the Amerikan way, screw and fuck over your own people just to make a profit and steal a sovereign nations resources and build more nuclear base's abroad. fucking wonderful huh?

ewig Kase

don't send the billion to Ukraine send it to me you bastards.
but why they giving them a billion? why does the government think throwing money at it salves everything? they even think spending will get use out of debt which is logical. yes I have heard people say spending will salve the debt problem. Only if Ron Paul would have been president … would be a much better world.

tommy bredock


Damn, I so wish Ron Paul was elected, for both the united states and the world.


From my understanding, Zuckerberg didn't even have to pay taxes so he is right the middle to low income people pay for everything!

Touched by a 12gauge

Don't pay taxes anymore. This money could save our own asses but they don't give 2 fucks about you or me. They should be bailing out our economy and student loans for educations that had no jobs after graduation. We have our own problems you fucking traitors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will kill any politician I see that is a fucking traitor.


If we could get back all our wasted tax money the U.S. would be a nation of multimillionaires.

Dron K

Why isn't there a person or a team who is well trained and has access to "tools", has the ability to "disappear" or even better officially does not exist in the first place, who is true patriot, do the "homework" and quietly and efficiently take out a few elites? There aren't that many of them. Just a few families, literally. Take out a few of their grandkids and they'll get the message. Haven't the entire planet had enough of their greed? The entire human species would benefit from this act.


Ron Paul is most honest, moral and righteous person I heard about in politics… I`m so afraid for his safety among these devils… he is a true patriot and very objective… RT have all full episodes broadcasted and seek on their channel or website or here on youtube…


Yes Ron Paulyou are no better you should have stayed in the race. What a great disappointment. Suddenly you and your son stepped out of the race because he was promised, the next presidency is that why, what did you fear are what did you celebrate, because you had no hesitation to drop out, your voice Ron Paul drops by the wayside of all of your concerns and suppression of the real truth, we can dig a hole from here to China and never understand as a public of you pulling a turtle attribute when things got really tough, they… Read more »


"Ultimately, the people of Ukraine are not going to benefit…" That right there shows what a total twit Ron Paul is. I challenge anyone to show me how a $1 billion loan guarantee will do nothing for the economy of Ukraine. Either it will help Ukraine or it will hurt Ukraine's economy. Which is it? It almost sounds like he is saying, if you want to ruin an economy of a nation you should give them loan guarantees. Ron Paul has screws loose in his head. How people can spin things as Ron Paul is doing and at the same… Read more »


1bn for rioters is a nice payoff!

Thuva Thurairajah

Only sensible presidential candidate

Ko Ja

US just going to print it , dont cry

Iam back

RT – is a Putin's news channel. Looks like he wanna set by the ears EU and USA…
You should trust to normal World's news channels like BBC, CNN, France 24 and other News channels with the neutral point of view.
Glory to peaceful World! From Ukraine with Love.

Aleksandra Thomas

and he is right!


We are giving money to serve our own interests here in the U.S. Who know what these interest are cause our gov't  is so secretive but we are coning someone and paying off thieves no doubt.