Ron Paul: The sooner we get out of Iraq the better

Former US congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul spoke exclusively to RT on the prospects for America’s latest moves in Iraq. READ MORE


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Original Youtube video here.

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Sarah Kalvelage

only reason the nazis are in iraq ,syria ect ect is for the oil deposits and the pipeline they want through syria. oil to fuel the war machine and the nazis homes lol no concern here we are 100% solar. and dont have or need/want a vehicle!


I say you're more than partially responsible for that. And you don't get to just walk away and let Iraq deal with it. It's your damn fault IS has snowballed out of control now fucking resolve it !

Kelli Hillman

Ron, didn't I read that al Maliki took the weapons away from the Kurds, that is why they were at a disadvantage when ISIS came a calling!

Eurybia Smith

Lol at Christians thinking " we must save the Christians". I love when America gets in every nations problems, why? Because they're losing a whole lot of money 😉

Nick Award

yeah right, incite chaos, then leave and take no responsibility like a bunch of pussies, the american way.

Kim Jong Il

Ron Paul only one with the balls to speak the truth.

richard murphy

And Leave All that Unsullied OIL are you Crazy Ron "Squeeze Arackis the Spice Must Flow"

Rashid Gill

US is responsible for bombing Libya Yemen Pakistan Afghanistan Iraq, and arming and funding Israel.


Shut the f up Ron Paul you filthy f-ing reptilian, baby eating scum bag! Open your eyes people the serpent race lives among us! Do your own research they are killing and eating humans on a daily basis!!! 

JewsKillJesus Revenge Me

Next year taxes will burst like hell and you all gonna pay for it….darn so stupid wasted billions to Israel


We ARE letting Iraqis deal with it, but just giving the Kurds some better weapons and taking ISIS out from the air if they get too close to US personnel or refugees they've vowed to ethnically cleanse. Personally I think we finally have the only sane policy we've ever implemented in Iraq. I have a new found respect for the controllers of US strategy.

Bernardo Duran

The Kurds are running into a trap.. and USA plays a big part on this setup.


Ron Paul Israel wants us in Iraq.our creation ISIS is now attacking the Kurds who are good friend to our master Isreal since saddam days.

Dyslexic Artist Theory on the Physics of 'Time'

Ron Paul sounds right!!!

Rachid Rachido

Usa must stop interfere into this complex conflict, instead usa deals with the internal economic problems.


Unsubbing this pos propaganda chan

m michels

Ron Paul: The Libertarian LEPRECHAUN, Masonic Agent of the Scottish Rite. This clown voted FOR the Iraq Genocide.


Ron Paul is a small man with a lot of media attention. He is genuinely afraid of the big, bad mean world and he wants no part of it….fine as a private citizen go home and hide under the covers…. the adults will call you when it is safe to come out. But as a citizen who plays at wanting to be a Leader? Come on grown up or go away.

nana rara

Ron Paul  is one of the few good Americans.

skilled roc

Partially …partially bitch its all America fault , you should have kept your greedy oil grubbing hands off iraq and left it to saddam , when he was there it didn't have a fraction of the shit that's going on in iraq now ….you installed him to power then when he got to smart for you , you killed him ….people of the world wake the fuck up !!!!! America and its business men are killing millions just to fill their pockets and is masking murder as freedom

Robert J Lopez

war on terror we are in this war been in this war from the time of 9/11 Obama needs to be a leader and fight this war! Isis is terrorist kill them now why wait tell they grow bigger 


"partially responsible?" Ronnie, don't you mean "mostly responsible?"


The US created this mess, when is the United States and the West going to realize that Western Democracy isn't applicable in the middle east. This part of the world has been ruled by kings, satraps, sultans, and other despots for thousands of years. We were naive to think we could change the geo-political landscape in that part of the world. Now not only Iraq but Lybia and Syria have become engulfed in civil unrest and war and threatens to engulf that whole region. Anyone who advocates we take further military action there is an idiot and is condeming the… Read more »

Zoran Cosic

That is only thing I agree with Ron, everything else we are far far apart.

Jahongir Uzak

No politicians, no Wars, the rest is bullshit


The probem is WE caused this mess. We have displaced mllions of lives in Iraq. So now we just leave and let them sort out our mess. Funny. If we would have never invaded non of this would be going on.


Ron Paul 2016

shitfuck Stack

bullshit. sorry anyone pretending BIN LADEN is in any way a real fear/threat/ unmade up CIA leg….BULLSHIT.  it is like saying these thunderstorms are bad those angels are bowling— or — you better not pout you better not cry you better not shout its the tsa Line…CRAZY TALK. ANONE ACCEPTING OF NWO MEMES are DUMB or DANGEROUS or both.

bon vivant

We indirectly gave the bad guys weapons, now get out so they can kill innocent people with them?

Markus Wolf

Unfortunately, Ron Paul is a capitalist puppet (a puppet of the elite), just like every other US politician since Lincoln. USA will never get out of the Iraq and brainless "thank you for your service" morons will continue fighting for the capitalist scum. Iraq is full of US-UK-Israeli military mercenaries a.k.a. "private security companies" who are, unofficially, controlled by the US government.

Hamza Moussaid

Partially responsible? The US have created this Chaos with operation freedom searching for non existing weapons of mass destruction in 2003 so cut the bullshit.


im pretty sure rt are the only people still talking to ron paul


Why does the US have to intervene why why why there are rich Arab nations such as UAE Saudi Arabia which can help why do we all the way here in a different continent have to play hero

Izzy So

Ron Paul is a fucking idiot………..thank god he was defeated……..