Ron Paul: Ebola panic is much more dangerous than the disease itself

Three time presidential candidate, former Republican congressman Ron Paul joins Larry King on Politicking to talk about Ebola, Obama, ISIS and his son, Raud Paul’s White House hopes.


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DeWayne Benson

I believe all that Ron Paul is worried about concerning this Ebola, is where it is 'weapons grade', with all that implies.

Joshua Comden

Without the FDA… you can get things into market…. like Dr. Drew's miracle snake oil xD

Renae Winchester

I will not vote for Rand to much of a zionist to  me we have to many of those now in fact there is no one for me to vote for now that Ron is out of politics


This is true, people are so incredibly stupid.  Always whipping themselves up into a frenzy

Shawn Jones

But here you people are talking about it. He's very right. most Africans have turned into a leech community (they probably always were). The leaders of Africa condem devil whitey for not helping more. Almost all non whites see us (or our lifestyle) as the future. The hope of the world. They see a plague and think "if anyone can fix it, they can". It makes the people with the disease scared if you hype it up. That in turn makes them run in panic (to america). You don't panic people when they are bleeding out. You look down and… Read more »

Kim Jong-FUN

Ebola isn't even that infectious. 

Put it on a cracker and it's a snack.  No big deal.


Ron Paul said that he does "not like to depend on a government that I have so little faith in". People this is inside information here. Listen closely with and open mind.


All Muslim countries should be bombed, but we are using the wrong ordinance. We should bomb them with cheetos, weed, and porn.

Jim Samson

hey larry king when RT hired you it became rt full of BS.

Bean Cube

We don't care who ruled Washington, we know operation transparency (instead of militant volunteerism) is more crucial for public safety.


So will ebola which was rare in the USA become as common as HIV? How many deaths a year will just become the norm. 15,000   50,000  300,000 per year.  It will be just another disease that kills people and the medical system will cover it up like they do all the other diseases. Thank you Mr. Obama for bringing ebola to the the USA. 

Zeno's grasshopper

I love Ron Paul's honesty and common sense.


I'd be more scared of the coming vaccines.


Good interview. Larry King is good at nailing Ron Paul down to his more out-of-the-box positions, such as the right of secession. Pointing out that he would have been against Abe Lincoln in the Civil War; of course he allowed him to clarify that it doesn't mean he must have taken the position in support of slavery.

The interview is nuanced and complex, hard-hitting, but not rude. Great job!


it seems to me that they are moving these sick people around like typhoid Mary's to help spread the sickness to form some kind  of a run of the sheep to ask for help we already have, the CDC is not making any formal statements as they are told what to do also,we are in the hands of absolute fools,their underground cities wont save them either,germs kill indiscriminately,loosing this crap on mankind is PANDORAS BOX and filled with a lot of idiocy, damn strange things going on in the world as now, our leaders are defective and need to be… Read more »

Rocky Burns
Guest 1976 Reference Ron Paul talked about


When Ron said 'Military military drop some bombs' I laughed so hard Idk why haha


I think I'll take the opinion of Doctors Without Borders over the politician with a son with presidential ambitions. An organised response assisting an overwhelmed medical system in Liberia is what they said was critical since the disease has reached the densely populated Monrovia.

Alan sikes

This is only an Obama administration distraction for the open border to our south.Northern Americans please wake up.

Alan sikes

Larry King is to old and farty to worry about anything that might kill him . Old age will take care of that.

Alan sikes

Ebola ? BULLSHIT!!!


Ron Paul is Larry King's all time favorite guest?  And what's Larry King doing on RT?

Eileen Dover

If Ron Paul jumped off the GOP bandwagon back in 2008 and ran as an independent, he'd be president because independents, as well as many republicans and democrats would vote for him. Since he wasn't a candidate, a lot of people just settled for the republicans or democrats.


Is it just me or does it look like it says FartNews at 09:42 lol


Who let Larry King out of the nuthouse and gave him another job? …after he supposedly retired from talk only to suffer delusions of being a stand up comic.

Marie Joy

Not one American has died from ebola. Not one.

Is there a downside to secession?

robert knight

do not accept the vaccine it is eugenics!


Wow extremely smart and has common sense, no wonder he never became president. He'd piss off so many people.

paul zsoldos

All those viruses are made in South African labs for the US military.


Ebola is coming from Liberia!!! Let's send troops over there!!!

What the hell are they going to do there in the first place? The only way how a military force of 3,000 will end ebola is to shoot everyone who carries the virus and burn the bodies, but are they really going to do that? 

eugene bell

Maybe this guy will run for president next time.  I think the country is ready, judging from 63 leftist being shown the door in Congress last week.  Hillary Clinton will run on the socialist side, and it is time for Ron Paul to run  on the right side.  He could make history, it could be the first father and son to be in office as president back to back without anybody in between.  


I don't understand how Ron is optimistic about the future because of young people in our colleges.  If the youth were really involved and understood things, why aren't they protesting?  We see young people protesting their governments in other countries but we don't see that happening here.

Mustache Man

shoot the ebola 

DTOM 1776

what does Ron Paul know? He's only a medical doctor.

mark robbins

Ron Paul is the man!


Thank you Ron Paul.  I remember when SARS was supposed to wipe out millions according to Youtube conspiracy nuts.  Funny how fear is always more powerful than truth in the mind of humans.

Заябис That’s it

Young people don't like war
Cos they still have a lot to live !!!


Ron Paul has got tot be the most sensible politician in the United States today. I really admire his honesty and direct approach to the reality of certain situations.

joe momma

LMAO does Larry King work for RT?  Does RT know that he is a ja ja ja ja Jew.

Kelly Wes Kirkconnell

Ron Paul is a rare breed.  He is a Fine Man, a great Statesman. The Media, most others in Washington, the owners of Washington are Clowns-friken freak show with an evil suicidal twist. Billions were spent to keep Ron Paul out of the White House. 

patrick huff


It's great to see you broadcasting again!  The change of venue will open up new opportunities for you to indulge in truly investigative journalism.  The networks have lost credibility!   

Best regards

Yusif Ya-Adzagey

I'm actually surprised…though all politicians were ignorant.


The American people want peace with Russia.  A small cabal, who lends money and makes weapons wants war with everyone, in Our name,and everyone loses in war.

Taelan Baylor

LK is in RT!?!


Anybody who can be an optimist about world affairs is a fool. The guy has spent his whole life in a political system that has become more and more socialist. And still optimistic. Yeah right. Oh and by the way, his comment about all religions having their fundamentalists shows it's time for Mr. Paul to retire. He doesn't even recognize a death cult like Islam when he sees one. 

eok euz

Ron Paul is my president.


Ron Paul's message resonates with the young people who are awake, they sense & feel the truth. 

mickey mc

If not not for the oil and gas then Russia would be very poor country. Russia is the largest country in the world with huge deposits of raw materials and there are still millions of Russians that do not even have toilets and gas! If Germany or Britain  would controlled so huge terriotory then they would be the richest country in the world but dumb corrupt russians even with such a huge territory are still poor.