Ron Paul: ‘Audit the Fed’!

Congressman Ron Paul and 263 other members of Congress are demanding an investigation into the U.S. Federal Reserve system, igniting a battle between members of Congress and the American financial elite, who say auditing the Fed would result in ‘grave consequences’. The Federal Reserve is one of the most powerful financial institutions in the world, and many experts say, one of the most secretive. Ron Paul and other lawmakers say they won’t give up until they know for sure what the Fed is doing behind closed doors.

Original Youtube video here.

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Aaron Shaw

has anyone noticed how much of real truth comes from a russia today its sad they do a better job of covering the news than the us news it must be that they are outside of the box looking in they actuly talk to the people that want to change instead of the same bullshit people

Aj Royal

Unfortunately its impossible because the federal reserve exists outside of US Laws so there is no way we can sue or criminally investigate what they do!


Absolutely. Central Banking and Fractional Reserve Banking are two of the biggest threats to our prosperity. We should end the Fed, amend the laws to make fractional reserve banking another form of embezzlement, and go back to a gold standard with 100% reserves.

We don't need a secretive and privately owned banking cartel controlling our money, the marketplace can handle that on its own.


Per the US Constitution, Section 8 To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures..The FED is a prviately owend banking cartel and is unconstituional! End the FED, end building the Empire overseas, wars of agression, inflation and wrecking the ecomony!


Obama supports the Fed cause the gang-bankers got him elected, hence the bailouts aswell.
just follow the money.


The Federal Reserve IS NOT FEDERAL!!!!!


As an American, I understand what and who controls the American Media and its NOT free media. But rather very controlled and they have an agenda that does not include we the people. But more Americans are awakening to that fact and going to the internet for real news. However the powers that be are trying to shut that down too, or at least filter it like China does! God forbid the people learn the truth.


Yes and it is because Orthodox Christian Russia is finally free after the bloody coup in 1917 that killed millions of people for that very reason. Once you understand what and who was behind it (and they were NOT ethnic Orthodox Christian Russians either) than you will understand that America is now facing that same fate as Russia did in 1917. And you can bet your bottom dollar they are the ones who own the FED and MSM in America.


Hey, GlobalMinority, so you're saying that the bloodletting of white Christians in the "Russian" Revolution, our American insolvency, as well as the international financial catastrophe we're currently experienceing come from the same source? Is it the single source that's provided the last 3 FED chairmen? I can't think of the word…on the tip of my tongue…starts with a 'J'…. J… Juh…. Joo… darn!! It's right there, but I can't recall it. Think you could help me out?! 🙂

Max Freedom

The genie has left the bottle.

The Fed is doomed.


Never gonna happen, but if it will, they just gonna shred all the files.they will get out of it somehow, the only thing we can do is to storm the fucking place unexpectedly. this fucking place needs a revolution …I wish Ron Paul was our president!


The only think that is secret is Ron Paul and the right winged radicals that use fear and paranoia to manipulate people into thinking there is only one big govt. and to stop the other side of the govt that is non right winged motivated,

such as the liberal left, that needs to spend to offeset everything robbed raped and pilffered from the working class.
and then had every program to help the working class who pay the majority of the taxes ..
its a no brainer, these independent/green/reform=gop


AUDIT WHERE THE GOP RIGHT WINGED RADICAL REPUBLIKKKAN ELITIST spent 13 trillion with their slush funds, & hedge funds, and special hidden interests and kickbacks and farming out to china, and asia alike korea japan, laos, vietnam, taiwan, etc

Ron Paul is a bought and paid for kook, for the ones who fall between the cracks.
and insurance sales man in political persuasion.
Rehuglikkkans are the crooks.
13 trillion spent , not to mention ripping off the taxes and closing programs. war contracts


Fuck the federal reserve. Without it, much would significantly improve. The first step to getting rid of wall street is to over rule the fed.


Audit the fed, then when the illegal activities are exposed we can indict & prosecute those knowingly involved. The magnitude of the crimes will assure the fed's abolishment & monetary policy returned to the treasury. Guilty verdicts will result in the return of stolen money out of the elite banks & into treasury. Back to precious metals standards. Remove unconstitutional presidential decrees. We The People are more like Dr Paul than the world can know. Voter fraud hurts. Hand-count ballots

Jim R

If Obama doesn't sign HR1207 into law he needs to be bounced immediately.

Nolan Hargreaves

he will never sign it, if he does, its because they will forge documents to lie about their transactions and business with other banks and companies.
Obama works for the bankers. Thats why Tim Geithner is his treasury secretary.


Is that a Fed flag?
Wouldn't any loyal American love to tear that down, burn it and piss on the ashes?

Loren Couch

Dina you are my dream girl.


No. I'd like to wrap it around Bernanke's neck. And squeeze.



Last comment posted 5 months ago?

Just shows how distracted people are in this world, as this video falls in less and less popularity, videos for new casting of the Real World sky rocket!

What a shame! ~_~

Allen Bealle

The Fed says they are audited by one of the big Accounting firms.


the fed is not a government body

Ralph Cramdon

There is zero reason for the Fed to operate in darkness…name something that is good in darkness.

Way past time to turn the light of justice on the Fed and watch the cockroaches run…next step hearings, trials and swift justice to those who in effect have committed acts of treason.