Putin’s response to US withdrawal from INF Treaty is reasonable – Ron Paul

Ron Paul shares his thoughts on Putin’s state of the nation address to parliament.

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Raymond Talya

Russia is still very much communist don’t be fooled, they are still the ops. They praise all their commie comrades till this day.

donald doyle

Bernie for President, put Trump in jail along with MBS and Netanyahu for murder

Cece Rider

America has got to quit being a belligerent in the world stage.

Saijai Cheunarom

I Controle world en in YouTube Right. President work for me en you good People I understand you.

jonathan bell

Dennis Rodman should go hang out with Putin. Netflix and chill?

sam turner

Hey u.s.a is a lier


Time for Russia to nuke the terrorist U.S government, off the face of this planet!

Stephen Harrison

Voted for Ron Paul in 2012. Will vote for Bernie/Tulsi in 2020

Robert Craighead

Ron Paul/Tulsi in 2020

Bern Koh

God us with you Russia and the people.

Bern Koh

I think all America Presidents is the same. Before is nice guy, after become President … another war on weak state. So sad and sorry to say that.

Justin Peanuts

The Poseidon weapon gives Russia an asymmetric advantage. This means that the US can not develop a similar system to attack Russia due to the collateral damage in Europe and Japan.
Restarting the Cold War is a massive mistake. The cost of developing new weapons systems is going to be astronomical. Just consider the cost of developing one plane, the F35.

ABHISHEK conqueror

Putin is trying to keep Safe Russia and Russians stop putting sanctions sit and talk
Us made a mistake of backing out INF treaty Russia is doing Right thing love from India

Afy Mughal

Now American have created a cold war atmosphere where America wants to breach/pull out of treaties just like that thinking others should follow them it's not going to happen.


Ron Paul is the man.


Seriously… What's with the blue suits on that Putin's conference? Do they have to dress all alike? I mean… If they were going for the New Order Empire vive, with a touch of kgb… they've nailed it!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Constable

Get strapped and prepped, shit's probably going to get worse before it gets better.

William Saltzmann

Putin has a fear of not having an upper hand, that"s a good thing.

gireesh neroth

Wild America. It has no enemy on its boarders. Relatively very Safe. But still it has more weapons and takes war preparations as if it is under threat from its boarder.

Mike Hill

What would have happened if instead of the welcome and courteously waiting for a response from Ron Paul! The Dr had never responded? Courtesy and cordiality are not misspent! Anyway, good topic.

Gei Xiong

Ron Paul for President..all we got do it, take out the Deep States than problems solve.😁..End of Discussion.

Lord Cromwell

Anyone who serves the government is a traitor to the people.


I <3 Ron Paul!

Chidozie Anyaso


Bambi Able

Let us face truth to truth : President Putin indicates the USA breaks the INF by placing missiles in Romanian AEGIS systems as part of its Anti-Ballistic Missile base. These missiles deployed are in the Standard Missiles which have no warheads. The standard missile system is also deployed on ships and other vessels with conventional payloads less then 130lbs. These missiles are not capable of taking nuclear warheads, even tactical nukes. Russia has deployed the following missles since 1997. SS-27 Mod 1 (silo) RS-12M2, (Topol-M) SS-27 Mod 2 (mobile), RS-24 (Yars), SS-27 Mod 2 (silo) RS-24 SS-27 Mod (rail) SS-30… Read more »

David Seawell

Ron Paul very smart American in this case the whole world should have nuclear weapons and when someone attacked them they should attack back it's simple you can't be the only bully on the Block and think someone is not going to stop you one day and I think we're at that point where are the country will test us such as China and Russia and even smaller country such as Cuba and the new Venezuela.