NATO sat-image credibility dubious: Ron Paul Inst for Peace & Prosperity Exec Dir

On Thursday, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said Russian troops had entered Ukraine. The statement came as NATO released satellite images that it claimed showed Russian self-propelled artillery on Ukrainian territory. Daniel McAdams from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, share his thoughts on how credible these statements may be.


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RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.

Original Youtube video here.

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This is more fake evidence to deceptively prove the moral pretext of the Zionist Western kleptocracy.  Fake nurse reporting about baby killers, fake anthrax in a bottle, fake WMDs, fake 9/11 terrorism ties, fake Sarin gas accusations, fake Al-CIAda, fake Gulf of Tonkin incident, fake Lusitania incident, etc.  Meanwhile, the real genocide has been done by Israel against Palestine.

It's really about Zionist supremacism and control for global resources. 

William King

The extent of Russophobia and war-mongering in relation to the conflict in Ukraine reflects how many westerners have been duped by the narrative of the conflict that has been served up by our leaders and most of the media. The Russian-speaking minority were effectively disenfranchised when the president they had voted for, Yanuchovych, was forced from office by a US/EU sponsored coup in Kiev early this year. He had clearly won the election in 2010, but this was dismissed by the west as they seized the opportunity to get ‘their man’ in power. Then they ‘lost their language’ when the… Read more »


Russia is posturing for nuclear war. I hope NATOs world-wide network of anti-ICBMs are ready – it might be time to turn Russia into a radioactive wasteland.


what about the 4000 russian soldiers the president of donesk said are fighting for them, what about the list of 400 russian soldiers killed or injured in ukranie published by their russian mothers, who by the way, must be in siberia right now, what about that proof given by russians…?

AT Fly

Its funny when u say there is no proof when there are YouTube videos of captured Russian soldiers saying they knowingly entered ukraine


Isn't it funny how silent everyone is regarding the alleged shooting down of flight MH17? If it was so certain they wouldn't have let the story slip by the wayside. Now they look foolish while grasping at straws in order to get Russia into a war.

Jeremy Taylor
Guest Petition to end U.S. military action in Iraq & Syria,if anyone wants to sign.


Joining NATO or the EU is basicly signing your ass off to an HIV positive homosexual.

Aneesh Bhatnagar

RT is putin's bitch….. Whenever there is a clear proof they would just simply deny it like a retards.. U want proof ? Then tell me how come Ukraine were able to detain Russian army fighters in their territory ?

P.H. Hennin

USA is financed "rebel groups" around the world. It is already slowly acceptable that USA is sending weapons to another country and backing up different terror-groups, that they call "rebels". They don't invade but send weapons that is almost equal to an invasion as they also send some coordinators, advisors, military men in disguise of a business men. 1st of all look at Iraq, what is going on there since they removed Saddam? Then look at Libya what is going on there since they removed Gaddafi? And now they ignite a proxy war in Syria that gone horribly wrong and… Read more »

Roha Waha

Russians have always had to feed off the resources and labor of other country's to survive. Russians are too stupid to be inventive and productive, their population is in huge decline from alcoholism and drug abuse. Russian's must have slaves to survive.
Mass murder is just as much a part of Russian History as Vodka and Incest !

Frank Andersson

Russian language is native for over 14,273,000 Ukrainian citizens (29.3% of the total population). Russia does not need to send in an army. Certain millions of ethnic Russian Ukrainians have had military training and access to military grade weapons, and have used captured tanks and artillery from the Ukranian army.




Deprecated Content

"photos of our illegal actions taken from fucking space not credible" –Russian news outlet.

Well no shit. I'm sure Charles Manson questioned the relevance of the trail of bodies his followers left.

Markus Wolf

Someone said: "NATO is a private army of the ruling elite".
Absolutely correct. USA, UK and Israel represent the center of power of the wealthy (ruling) elite.


Without picture proof Russian lies can continue. With picture proof Russian will continue to lie and gullible RTrolls will swallow it like a pornstar.


Why is Russia worried about NATO's credibility in the world?
 Are they any better?
NATO(read USA)  is a pawn of the US industrial military complex and would not do anything without the masters approval.
 Russia is cornered now by USA which has to have a war so the profiteers could make some money.
 No matter if China gets involved we may all burn in hell so some little fragment of population can really get rich.


if only the idiots who believed this and other lies coming from corporate western media actually saw the other side of the story.


RT or RUSSIA TODAY is nothing but lies under the direction of ex-KGB bastard Putin. Ask the many of their reporters that quit this garbage station in disgust.

jade chs

A country who provided "overwhelming evidence" of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction to the UN security counsel, and then proceeded, against that chamber, to invade and kill 600,000 people, should be the one here today to accuse another nation of lying? What right does it have to do so, until after it has publicly and humbly admitted its previous mistake to this chamber? If the mere presence of armed Russian citizens in Ukraine constitutes invasion, then what about the hundreds of armed UK citizens in ISIS? Should you not accuse UK of invading Iraq and Syria? What ridiculous logic? Shame… Read more »