Les Leopold: Wall Street is running a casino

United States congressman Ron Paul surprised everyone at the conservative political action conference by winning the Presidential straw poll with 31 percent of the votes. Matt Welch says the ideas of limited government and libertarianism are growing and the Ron Paul plays off of an anti-charimatic image.

Original Youtube video here.

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DUH! We knew this already! But thank you RT!

Marko Kraguljac

Brilliant "solutions". Experts should make exemplary contribution to public works. Find their work suits and start building that infrastructure instead of blabbing over and over. Show us some action! Grab that shovel and start digging.


Pour money into education? Seriously?


Working in an of itself isn't good enough. These jobs need to be productive and the best measure of productive work is via the market.


!!!!Ron Paul Rocks!!!!


That girl is such a cutie!!!! Look at that….


Shit I wish my parents would have told me to be a banker instead of the road I took..I'd be rich by now if only i took the crooked road……But noooo I had to TRY to make an honest living…..no such thing in this economy.


Dina is so hot, I love a smart talking girl. Wow.

wall street is drowning in the sea of its own money!


??? you cant create jobs when they are all over seas and aint comin back. What they have to do is re educate people rebuild the nation towards a new goal like space travel, time travel, transdimensional astral travel building shuttles for space flight. that can travel at the speed of light. This is what we need an introduction of new technologies and free energy. I mean its fucking the year 2010 and everyone is still living in the 20's. It is time for a new age.

Chris B

Leopold is just another Keynesian quack. "If the private sector can't do it, the public sector has to" . The reason the private sector can't is because the public sector is sucking the money out of the private sector through excessive debt and government spending. Get this idiot off the air!!


This guy is spouting Keynseynism, the government can never create useful sustainable jobs.


its called roulette servatudeism
where the ball lands no one with a job knows
end game complete collapse
buy gold and food enough said
god luck


one more thing
obama got into office on jobs
new rails across nation nuclear power plants
jobs jobs jobs
affordable healthcare you could afford
2 years he cant even extend uenployment for 6 more months of coarse well be at war with everyone thats all we can do achtung hem furher
uenployment should be extended 36 months let people go back to school
hes lame duck president
a legend in his own mind
bush clinton obama lame ducks benedict arnolds you draw the conclusion


CORPORATISM has killed Capitalism since Nixon's China Free Trade deal.
The Chinese have won thru economicWarfare. We the people need to create jobs thru our government which Wall St is trying to destroy. TrickleDownEconomics has destroyed our infrastructure since Raygunomics.
SelfSustainability should be our national goal! Throw the bums out if they vote NO!


Less bitching and moaning and more solutions are what is needed.

This isn't just a US problem either. Unemployment is skyrocketing throughout the western world and many countries are on the verge of bankruptcy.


Wall Street IS the government, Mr. Leopold.


dina is hot


Fact: The Gov. is controlled by not by "Wall Street" it is International Global Banks and Corp.
Fact: Giving more money (taxes) to the Fed. Gov. is just giving money to the Global Bankers.
Solution: Choke the money (taxes) going to the Fed. Gov.
Solution: This could be an American Renaissance. No more urban sprall, or strip shopping centers that are now emptying out. Green cities where shops and homes are side by side. Residents don't need cars and trust their neighbors.

Nader Paul McKinney Ventura

Don't make anything, just play with paper as a "job"
No blisters for Wall Street
No blisters for the FED

The 5 dancing Israelis arrested on 9/11 in NYC
were very proud of the work of the Mossad.
(no more Twin Tower asbestos problem)

Ventura USN Sheehan Sanders Perot
Paul OathKeeper NamVet Nader Medina
McKinney Kucinich Kaptur Grayson Gravel
Gonzalez Fallon CoffeeParty Clemente
Choate Carter Baldwin Anderson


Was not the bailout of the rich and famous in US an essential ingredient of capitalism? Isn't Las Vegas is an important part of capitalism? Capitalism does not work because trickle down does not work. Because greed does not work.


I have the solution to the economic collapse, but I'm so fed up with the American system that I wont tell anyone… Ok, I will tell you. HEMP. That's the solution, but hey, hemp is illigal in the States, so I guess we're going to see them collapse anyway…


You are so on!! To take ti further, The government needs to get the hell out of our way and take away the restrictions to the marketplace so small businesses can be created by the jobless. Having our own business is what we want. Then, just like Ron Paul says, "let the free market decide if businesses will survive".


you are obviously new to this. I will walk you through K-5 style. You see how the comments are indented under the comment above it??? that means it is a response to the comment above and to start a discussion.


one wonders wether this is a veiled celebration of the cerebrated russio-jew hybrid cutthroats who changed course to codetoads and began banking on their savantoid numonotionalism … while now RT will go guns blazing with anonymous blowing the truther credit in the next big false flag stampede idea of some people's fun. Snordster is calling it .. but we know he wolfcry is standard default chronic … or do we?


ps: at least i included tree-crop counsel in the wisdom 'hidden' behind (ridden, parasitized by) ads of a free provider in the late nineties .. which unfortunately were … killer Casino colouration dealies … but hey, i thought, surely my readers will not get caught up in that shit. i added some Caillois game theory for good measure.