Flip-flopping diplomacy: Trump easily shifts his opinion of meeting with Putin

Despite the criticism US president initially said the Helsinki summit was a very good start for everybody. But, just a day later the world saw a shift in how Trump describes the event. READ MORE: https://on.rt.com/9ape

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Daddy Tibarn

Trump clearly buckled from the onslaught of media attacks against him wanting to bring back stability between the US and Russia, it was a mistake to dog whistle to the media like this, but I still believe what Trump said during the summit was what he wants.

Alexandru Popescu

You can tell when he expresses his honest opinion and when he's just following orders.


Trump sold out to the AIPAC swamp. He even sold his daughter to them


@ There could be Russians working for the Globalist that were indicted as patsy's to involved themselves before the Nov. 2016 elections within the US. Just like there are Americans against President Trump. There are Russians against President Putin inside Russia. There could be a criminal organization working for the Globalist, and being paid off with money, still being native Russians. It is hard for President Trump to answer the Globalist control main new media within the US. Whatever President Trumps says or does the main news media, will twist whatever he says or does.

Gael na hÉireann

Ridiculous how he doesn't even try to hide it. Clear as day that he is being TOLD what to say. Nothing but a puppet. It's sad in a way, because it's clear that he has his own ideas and opinions, but his masters won't allow him to go through with them. Nevertheless, I have no respect for him if he isn't willing to stand up to them and their lies.

MaxSchmeling FanChannel

A nuclear war is a very bad option, they have no choice really than to get along. Turning the world into a inferno should be avoided at all costs, they can hide in their bunkers but they could be in there a ,long time, what type of life is that and there will be no live sport to watch in there no nothing.


The power of American Deep State

James Lum

Trump is an expert in double speak…. A clown n a liar

Jeronimo Mico

He's a politician what do you expect?

mark fonti

youre fired rt

Morpheus x

Remember he is replying to the fake news networks in the US who are trying their best to take down the government through lies and FAKE NEWS so they get fake news from the President which they like to hear .

Fuck Trump

Propaganda News put out by the dictator Putin and his criminal cronies.

Andrew Dolokhov

Has the Moscow line on Trump flipflopped?

Syed Azam

Why they hate Russia so much.

Sem Nome

He just says what each side wants to hear.


hes not getting a second term at this rate

a ahir

trump like to play with MONkey bcoz he love to make MONkey fool PEOPLE brain to get googly googly bounce like ball


More like a SORT OF double tongued Trump… Also known as Forked Tongue 🐍

The way he said it initially was the correct way…


Flip-flopping is u.s diplomacy

ChesterWolf The Griffin

It's hard to believe someone who says something. And then within a matter of seconds they will say they did not say it.


Trump is just like that woman public talking head for the real leaders of USA.

Andrew Thompson

Let me make something crystal clear. Winning the presidential election of the United States of America is one of the single hardest things to accomplish in a lifetime. So, that being said I'm having a little trouble understanding the logic of these people at CNN: "I just don't understand why Trump didn't basically renounce his right to the presidency to Putin on national television"… The presidency is NOT something he would give up even if there was evidence of scandal (which btw there is not, Barak Obama himself said that there is absolutely NO CONCEIVABLE way that a presidential election… Read more »

বিশ্বাস BISWAS

Youtube should include haha reaction