Distraction from problems – Ron Paul on impeachment hysteria

The Trump impeachment investigation is entering a new phase and a step closer to a vote on whether to impeach the president. The U.S. House Judiciary Committee will hold its first hearing next Wednesday – and it’s invited Donald Trump along.

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Truth !!!


No border disputes, USA is involved in genocide for unclear self interest other than WWIII which definitely is their intent and desire. Saudi Arabia doesn't want Syria, just for them to control all the oil and gas and routes and contracts. They could care less about the land. Israel might find some places they consider holy to sacrifice some Untermenschen 2.0 and build settlements, though.

Alaska Beauty7

Dems are THE ones distracting from what they should do because they don't want to work, haven't WANTED to, helping America to become a better place to live in.


How quickly Ron Paul forgets about never calling for other President's impeachment, which is by definition a POLITICAL PROCESS and not a LEGAL PROCESS. Only imbeciles would consider Trump's impeach as "unfair". And only partisan hacks would impeach Trump on this minor crime alone.

Amir Fahmi

We must break the Israel lobby to save our country from endless wars.


Reality is a TV/Internet soap opera.

Bill 1

a media smokescreen, to take attention off the clintons,epsick schiff family etc


Ron Paul is one of the best politicians. Honourable man. The epitome of morality and ethics.
💯 Pacifist.


Unfortunately, this "impeachment inquiry" is the "deep State's" attempt to coverup the deep corruption involved in foreign aid, and it doesn't stop with the bidens

JDroz Manski

How I wish Dr. Paul won the Presidency back in 2008…

Juniper lane

Its a distraction from Epstein freak show in which a lot of pedo politicians and elites are involved.

Deebee Cooper

Pay no attention to the Operation Blue on 4-Chan behind the curtain.

Also, completely forget the USS Liberty

Jon Werner

They have to distract from the fact that they are all tied to pedophilia and blackmailing schemes.

avni ajdini

Mister ron paul the washington government is acting like gangsters,criminals and corruption is out of control

Robert Ledingham

Ron Paul should have been president and nobody would have hated the US any more.

Lynda Compton

I agree takes our money away causes other countries downfall and they hate us then we give him money to the Badd guys


WOW they musta got to you too ! you switched sides and change your tune quite quickly. NO politician and NO mdia can NO longer be trusted. even those who swear to be unbiased and undivided they all suck !

Michelle Alexander-Nolin

This false impeachment om OUR PRESIDENT IS a total division, and while the left continues this ridiculousness, they will be sinking directly to hells gate. God bless you and everyone as well😇🙏🍁❤🌹🌸🍁

kitcat 007

Ron Paul you're completely screwed because the hens have hatch there eggs that evidence is in. True accurate accountability it stands before us.

Mariyo G

This is all political games 2 sides in county play on Because we have people they are good at the talk. But never results what always is a benefit they are there Trump impeachment is just a story. News completely play all in At eind of this what you people want to see Yes, American systems are full of corruption the law is just word but never is true, yes CIA create the lies Yes over security is a problem Can some tell me when we were a have peace day with shooting each other'sWhen we were not involved with… Read more »


Should have elected Ron Paul a long time ago. Oh wait; he is not corrupt enough.

Cathy DePoy

Schiff is hiding his own corruption in Ukraine. Need to bring out the fact that Ukraine is a human trafficking hub. That might explain why Hunter was making big bucks with no experience. JMO

D. Martin

Correct, but you don't go far enough. These politicians live in a bubble and have no shame. It's a corrupted system.

Robby Chajkow

First time he showed his face in a long while makes me wonder what his beliefs are…stand up or shut up

Tony Westbrook

Sorry. You could not be more mistaken. Trump is vile, and he has scarred our beloved country. Democrats are awkward and need to be balanced, but trump harms everything good about America.

Sal Vastola

The Demorats are commiting Arkanicide 💀 😭.
Let them destroy themselves.


Ron Paul? LMAO

bee4pc goldrule

Democrats stalling out the country for nearly a century now. China is building navy ships at 1 a week.On pace to overtake the US navy in just a few years.

Capn Birdseye

It's all a Zionist puppet show

PhnyxTeq Admin

What a gentleman and a scholar. I can't believe this man hasn't led us yet….

SemperFi Mi

Yeah I have to agree with you there, Ron! DISTRACTION seems to be the business of the day in Washington. Anytime practically every individual working within The Government there has been exposed as being Complicit in Treason, yep it's time for all hands on deck there to COVER THAT EXPOSURE UP!THEY'RE NOT USE TO GETTING CAUGHT!!!! THIS IS WHY JULIAN ASSANGE WILL DIE IN PRISON, HE COULD HAVE THEM ALL HUNG!!! HE'S WHAT THE DISTRACTION IS REALLY ABOUT. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE SHOULD BE DEMANDING PRESIDENT TRUMP IMMEDIATELY HAVE HIM FREED AND TESTIFY BEFORE CONGRESS, HE HAS ALL OF THE EVIDENCE….… Read more »


Weapons of mass distraction….while the country is falling apart….the poor getting poorer and bankrupt after an illness collapsing infrastructure and on and on

Sheeple are Lame

Lock Trump up already <<< FREE MANNING

Steven Arther

I'm sorry mr. Ron Paul because I've respected you all your time that you've been serving but I will tell you this saying that the people have lost their faith in the system is an understatement and if they continue if they were able to get a impeachment can I tell you something people are not dumb and I guarantee you it'll start a civil war because we know that the Illuminati are behind the left and they know that they're in big trouble and they're caught for all the crap they've been doing so hold on cuz if they… Read more »


Distractions. Absolutely right. Trump is trying to detail the impeachment any way he can. Trump should fix drug problems in US before talking about Mexico.


Biden confessed on CAMERA he withheld 1 billion in aid if the general prosecutor is not fired… so who is the bad guy now? Another nothing burger just like RussiaGate… These Democrats, what a laughin stock of truth reversers…


Deep six the deep state and these problems will go away.

Nasser Derakhshan

The Democratic party needs to be impeached for ever.


spot on

David 135

Distraction from the creation of the biggest debt bubble in history.

Dava Golino

US parties are all compromised by the CRF and AIPAC.

Baron Fritz von shlitz

We should investigate if the Democrats have any ties with the USA!

tags NOLA

Distraction is apt. Like a magician. Distraction and sleight of hand are a magician's stock in trade. Even more apropos, a matador who distracts his victim, the bull, with his red cape, distracting the bull's attention from the sword hidden underneath the red cape.


Ron Paul rocks!

Ross Harris

The total transfer from Washington DC method of control, over this nation*to total U.N. control is just about completed. During 2012 of Mr. Obamas p.r. service he signed over the total control of finances of this nation, to the U.N.* Mr. Trump is "acting his part" in the Global Theatre troupe. Get ready for some serious bad in the play, fron now end. Matthew 6:10 God bless