CrossTalk on Russophobia: Denying Detente

U.S. president Donald Trump has repeatedly said he wants better relations with Russia. He did finally have his long sought summit with Vladimir Putin. Both presidents called it a success. The American political class and corporate media call the Helsinki summit a failure and Trump even worse. Are the United States and Russia destined to be enemies forever?

CrossTalking with Brian Becker, Earl Rasmussen, and Dan Kovalik.

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john wereschuk

more and more information is coming to light thanks to social media things that have been kept secret for years are now in danger of being disclosed its beginning to get very tense around the world one false move lookout ww3 anyone


I don't know any other state under the sun (maybe N.Corea) which takes the entire budget, cut it in half where the half goes for military and rest goes for everything else, healthcare, education, social, an environment so on………… I coould imagine what will be happened if we spend just a portion for military…… OMG healthcare -solved, education-solved, social security – solved. But not, we have "bad" Russians in front of us. And think about, who is going actually really to attack the USA??????????????????? Nobody is stupid enough to do so even if we have 1/10 of our military budget.… Read more »

Ernest Brown

The comments as usual. All I hear is the left , the left ! You fools the left have no power and no say! The Republican oligarchs now realize Putin through Trump can really destroy America remember Russia is super power oposite the U.S. and that power is not shared somebody has to lead and clearly it's Russia! So do hear that Republican lead Congress and Republican lead Senate sit back and wait for your orders from Putin I mean Trump or Trumputin hell I don't know! One the same.

Bertin Bahaya

Russia is the only country the West ( USA ) can't beat. So we can't be friends !


5I's can do no wrong!!!? LOL

George Marc

Will "the Deep State" replace Russia as the "Enemy"?


How much of the Wests' hatred toward Russia revolves around the fact that they need to continue to justify the existence of NATO and the EU? and now their worst fears have come to pass because the Trump administration wants to start working with Russia?


Russia's defense SPENDING is on decline BECAUSE THEY HAVE STREAMLINED THEIR PRODUCTION PROCESSES TO BE A MULTI-PRODUCT ASSEMBLY LINE SYSTEM! Everything was made to be modular, scalable, reusable, maintenance-free, trouble-free, repair-free AND BUILT TO LAST AS LONG AS THEY EXISTS! Which exactly what Henry Ford did! But the Pentagon never bothered to inspect their contractors' production processes and assembly line systems because all they want is a good machine and never mind the costs AND THEY NEVER BOTHERED TO THOROUGHLY INSPECT THE QUALITY OF THEIR SO-CALLED GOOD MACHINES IN THE FIRST PLACE! Russia on the other hand is constantly searching… Read more »

Alexis Wilmot Porter

Let me just say something important – something that really needs to be said… CROSSTALK RULES! But also, CROSSTALK MUST BE AN HOUR LONG SHOW!!! Half and hour just ain't enough. It's nice having the extended Bullhorns segments, but that's just like flicking water in the face of a man dying of thirst in the desert. I'd love to know why it can't be an hour, because I've seen many others bring up this point. Is it Peter LaVelle's hourly rate? 🙂 Is it the timetable restrictions? The valuable time of the guests? It always seems to me that the… Read more »

Alexis Wilmot Porter

It was a very dark and disturbing moment when Trump was giving his pledge of allegiance to the "intelligence community" and the lights went out. As for the "left" in the USA? Gimme a break! The Democrats are so far to the right they are making the Republicans go all liberal – just listen to Tucker Carlson these days: he's having to make the statements the left-wing are supposed to. No left-wing political class has ever been so slavishly, disgustingly, pro-war, pro-FBI, pro-CIA and pro-corporate corruption. The real left of the old days would be outraged to see that the… Read more »

Alexis Wilmot Porter

Forget "Pearl Harbor" or "9-11" – my favourite has to be "Kristallnacht", the infamous rampage against Jews in Nazi Germany, a literal pogrom in the modern age, a signal to the Jews in Germany that they were the enemy and not safe under Nazi rule. This is the equivalent of Trump shaking Putin's hand? And saying – how dare he!!?!? – that meddling hasn't been proven and that we should get along with Russia? That comparison should have been enough to bring the whole media blob and hysterical Hillary-defending faction to a dead halt – "what are we doing? this… Read more »

Teaching English the Fun Way

Trump derangement syndrome seems like a real thing. Actually, I think it’s a confluence of at least confirmation bias, self-deception and groupthink. After the meeting with Putin I challenged the barrage of anti-Trump hysteria with paragraphs of arguments containing mostly information I learned from this show, other RT shows and the Jimmy Dore show. And even though I prefaced my arguments by stating that I do not support Donald Trump, I faced an onslaught of insults from idiot to conspiracy theorist. They even called me a bad teacher, or that they wouldn’t let me near children. They couldn’t take the… Read more »

Karl Haynes

2017 – Trump is a madman with his finger on the nuclear button. Democrats and Republicans give this madman a record Pentagon budget.
2018 – This madman just went completely nuts by STEPPING AWAY from the nuclear button.
War after war after war…a no-partisan effort.

Karl Haynes

Brilliant analysis.
US Empire wnat 100% control of with. Russia stopped Hitler when he tried. Of course they are feared by US Empire. China doesnt want NATA/US bases on their soil either and will probably stand against our empire in ww3.

Karl Haynes

Another great point. Putin kicked the CIA out of Moscow.
They really don't want Trump to get Putin's help to kick the CIA out of Washington!

Grant Marcus

Global warring IS global warming. And war is terrorism times ten. And both U.S. parties are responsible for warring and warming. We never held the banksters for our world wars, and for aiding Hitler, and so world war mistakes will repeat them themselves.

Paul Martinson

after our civil war, we will be brothers of the russians

Paul Martinson

the world loves russia more than they love america

Utomo Utoyo

US ignorant people are the source of power for the Deep state to avoid US becoming a religious nation like Russia.

Walker Slam

NSA, the Internet "watchdog", wrote in the January 2017 report that they were only "moderately confident" of the hacking.

Robert Saltzman

Hmmmm the fbi had foreknowledge of both 911 and pearl harbor and now this bullshit lie also about meddling… it was a leak not a hack, the hacks are the journalists in America paid by pharmaceutical grade heroine dealers

John Ellis

Yes, the 25% most wealthy in Empire USA own 75% of the wealth, own most all politicians body and soul, which is why they own all of mainstream media. But, that is not the root cause, as the more intelligent upper-half of society hoards all the land, wealth, healthcare, political power and 95% of guns. That is the root cause.