Cash for Clunkers an Indication of how Government Run Healthcare Program Would work?

Critics of a government run healthcare program say that the cash for clunkers program is a good indication of what government healthcare would be like. The $1 billion the government initially invested in the cash for clunkers program was used up in just one month. Many say that the government’s inability to predict the popularity of the program shows a lack of organization and foresight that many are afraid will happen to a government healthcare program.

Original Youtube video here.

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Wow, once again RT shows one side of a story in their video. The clips your seeing are only showing one side of the people in the streets. The American people protesting this bill FAR out number the people that you show here as for the bill.
Notice all the professionally made sign's handed out to these people.
Thats not a grassroots thing.
Thats showing big money and government gave those out to people.


HOLY SHIT free money was successful? I didnt see that one coming


No it's an example of how my private run health care is going right now. It took me just over 3 weeks to get in to see my doctor this last visit and not only that this whole idea of being able to see your doctor the same day or even a day or 2 days later is laughable. I have never been able to, it's always take at least 4 days to 2 weeks. So where does this BS come from when people say we can see our doctors the same day?


Only if they allow the republicans to cut back the program's budget in the same way they did cash for clunkers.


I find it funny how the Government dose cash 4 clunkers 2 put better MPG cars on the road. Then waits untill the moneys is gone and has Government motors announce that they will have a 230 MPG car out in the next few months.
Now thats government thinking for you!


Thats the truth!!!
Here they load up public school bus's with tax money paid nut's "opp's sorry ACORN" and hand out sign's paid in part with tax money.
Gotta love the mediagovernment spin…….


Who is this ignorant person? Social Security, Medicare are appreciated. Sounds like a Neocon nincompoop! However there may be some truth with this with regards to some government operations, i. e., the "Long War" which awaits us in Af/Pak, and the Financial "controlled demolition" in which Americans were panicked into accepting the bitter medicine of the Chicago boys. Single payer is not "socialized medicine". 86% of Canadians prefer what they have. Maybe they know something that we do not.


A fair comparison? I got a fair comparison – Pop Warner Team A didn't do well against Pop Warner Team B this past Saturday and based on this data the Dallas Cowboys and San Diego Chargers will not make the play-offs.

Jessica B

Healthcare version of "cash for clunkers"….."Break a leg, get a heart".


But labour is the only force which binds man to the soil it is the basic energy for the creation of national culture. This is we are not aware of missing it. We are a people without a country, without a national living language, without a national culture. We seem to think that if we have no labour it does not matter – let Ivan, John or Mustafa do the work, while we busy ourselves with producing a culture, with creating national values and with enthroning absolute justice in the world.


It's refreshing to see sensible propositions regarding this issue. Thank You. According to the way this country was originally founded, that is exactly how it should be approached. The Federal Government should have NOTHING to do with healthcare. Most things, including healthcare, are better served at a more local level. I think if the states started to secede, it would send a powerful message and we would begin to see some real changes for the better.