15 years in Iraq: ‘Enough is enough’ – Ron Paul on NATO’s mission

The head of NATO says the alliance’s troops will stay in Iraq so long as that’s OK with the Iraqi government. Former US Congressman Ron Paul thinks it’s time for the alliance to pull out its forces.

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cesar brown

I would love to see him debate bernie we could learn so much.

Josh E

Trump 2020!


Ron Paul is the only guy who makes sense Why isn't he President???

Humble Dandelion

Maybe Iraq should join NATO. Wish they did.

Victor Gabriel

they are in syria uninvited, why would they need one for iraq???

Bobby Chang

Iraq, it bleeds our Treasure and increase our debt.

Rick Flint

CNN fake news should interview RON PAUL.

DisgruntledVet 11B

18 years in Afghanistan

Jeff Cessna

I have to disagree with Ron on our responsibility to the Iraqi's after running the country into the ground. Nobody said our troops need to stay and rebuild Iraq, but we need to pay for it. How would he like it if I drove my truck through his house and just said I'm sorry, but you need to pay for it. I bet it wouldn't fly at his house, so why should the Iraqi's accept it.

branden burks

I’d get NATO The United States, The United Kingdom… ect… If only we had some way to vote against war… 🤔


NATO is American funded, The UN is American funded and their headquarters is in America
America funds ISIS and Israel, and the Jews run America.
Friends of America, Saudi Arabia another Jewish State
all the wars are for Jews and their Jew World Order.
The reason why Jews hate Russia and the West, all white people is because we were once Christian, until the Jews destroyed our Culture, turning us from our cultural roots.
Once Jews get what they want, there will be MASS GENOCIDE unlike the World has ever known.


Enough is when they drain all oil from there

SavagePigeon 4

I wanna return to Iraq 😭


NATO and the USA are the biggest fucking terrorist organizations on Earth. So anti-human, pro banker. Fuck all of them

Norman Rand Wolfe

Well, Ron Paul, as a big fan, and friend, I will continue to have to disagree with you on Trade Issues:– "Free Trade" is a myth and nothing but wishful thinking. The USA should only negotiate Trade Issues in a case by case scenario. The USA cannot permit its wealth to continue to be plundered due to a myth, and two disastrous Administrations. As an example, and not wanting to use China, and its slave labour, all the time, German cars imported into the US are taxed at 2%, at the same time US cars imported into Germany are taxed… Read more »


Americans are a special kind of fucking STUPID!!!

Pierre Flamand

Ron Paul as president?? Let Iraq alone and give this country back what the pillars took from them.

Maple Flavor

the host needs to sound more respectful


What about Syria? The government doesn't want American and other NATO countries troops there

Elaine Evans

Biggest blunder ever made!

Bruce Bartman

Donald Trump is a Muppet. The deep state that controls Amerika will not let go of occupied Iraq. It is a convenient base to have war with Iran. Join the US military and fight for Israel!

Bruce Bartman

Dr. Paul is in a class by himself. He speaks the honest truth. American's need to listen to him more. He speaks with Integrity and honestly. President Potatoehead, are you listening?

J Hendricks

Try a new, different foriegn policy: 'Leave them alone."

Max Z

You didn't listen.. It's all you had to do.

Robert v.K

MilitaryIndustrialComplex will never allow peace!!

thomas aitken

Follow the money arms deals
For the rich

jimmi hotdog

Until Americans get the Israelis the fuck out of congress Noting will change

Andrew White

The NATO Chief should have been tried for crimes against humanity

Aurα вírdч

United States, is just an agresser, America wants to go to war,WANTS to get nuked and wants it's people to suffer and pay the price.

Neo Vines

Thank you now leave Iraq now.

Da Bagg

But George w Bush said already a long time ago that the mission was accomplished

guitar collector

Brilliant analysis.


Nato it s evill

Paul Keable

For once I agree with RT for this report. Iraq was a British mistake, Tony Blaire lied to Bush and as a British person that was a mistake to go to war under them terms. But I agree saddam needed to go and if the plans for Iraq had full backing and brains then it could of helped Iraq but instead the dumb half baked plan made things worse. Just like afgan was a mistake to the Russians that is what has happened to Nato in Iraq Just a added point when the UK and US first went into iraq… Read more »

Boris Práznovský

Dont forget..war against iran is posible..so iraq teritory is for us strategic…

Blitz Kreig

“The Spark has been lit in Iraq and it’s heat will continue to intensify, by gods permission, until it burns the Crusader armies in Syria. – Emir of the Islamic State, Abu Musab al Zarqwai 2004.

Barry Flint

Russian paid trolls everywhere here. hahahaha Tell mr putin to eat my ass. hahahahahah russia number one terrorist nation on earth.

KillJoy Sanchez

15 down 100 to go.

Kollen Migiu

💩💩💩💩 uncle sam

syed mustafa

Yes Sir you are right, there is always a secondary gain behind the american invasion which an ordinary american does not understand.