Ukrainian military units defect in Slavyansk

Several Ukrainian military units sent to quash uprisings in the east of the country have reportedly defected. There are conflicting reports over whether armored personnel carriers and other vehicles were seized or switched sides, but the APCs now fly Russian flags. No violence occurred as a result, and many soldiers are returning from the eastern Ukraine. RT’s Graham Philips reports from inside Slavyansk, Ukraine.

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Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum

nice donuts with and apc! lol


Hehehe, This is wonderful. They may not be as Pro Russian as they are anti-war and anti-Ukrainian interim gov! I hope all Ukrainian soldiers do the same, to show that they will not war with their fellow Ukrainians/Russians. NO WAR! NATO-Suck on this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Honky Tonk

Play the Russian national anthem homie:
Russia – our sacred homeland,
Russia – our beloved country.
A mighty will, great glory –
These are your heritage for all time!

Be glorious, our free Motherland,
Age-old union of fraternal peoples,
Ancestor-given wisdom of the people!
Be glorious, our country! We are proud of you!…


They made the right choice…Ukraine's been through hell already, from the both the nazis and soviet side during WW2, and the last thing they need is to be caught up in more chaos with civil war, and a possible Russian/NATO conflict. Many of them realize that, and arent going to allow themselves to take part. Most are just young kids anyway, in that ridiculous 'national guard' that illegal gov put together some weeks ago, which is similar to a Hiter-jugen group. Just so pathetic. Russia already said they would not get directly involved, EXCEPT if the people there were fired… Read more »


I see most of the trolls have disappeared over the course of the day as their delusions of grandeur have been trampled into the dirt. LMAO 


Oh, the irony. This is exactly what the USA had hoped would happen in Syria, another ZioCon pet project. But, oy vey, it all keeps going sideways for the Nulands, the Kagand, the Krystols and their tribe. There be a new sherif in these parts, Black Bart. They calls him Vlad the Hammer.


The corrupt government in Ukraine, filled with chosen rich parasites must go!  Thank God these men don't want to fight for them!

Cameron jagaa

good drift BMD.

Miles O' Brian

yeah! no more brother on brother wars in Europe!!!;)

PlaceHolder PlaceHolder

This whole thing feels like Trojan horse.


The power of the internet age

jacquelyn diamond

If only more would wake up here in the USA- we all need to snap out of it and get our country back, better yet, start a brand new humanitarian govt., capable of defending itself, but transparent and held accountable to its people! Way to go Ukraine, just don't let pro nazi rhetoric cloud your judgement they are as evil as the 1% and can only lead you into more tyranny!


Humanity is starting to win.

Piece of shit LIAR

Putin needs to send troops here as well as the Ukraine and save us from all this stupidity. Oh, and can his troops roll over Europe and bulldoze the UN on their way here? The Ukrainian soldiers certainly know Putin is a better leader than theirs.


The American People support the Ukrainians, not the illegals that took over your legal gov.

Damien Jäger

Lol. The US must be so confused right now.


Lovely Ukrainians don't want Syria 1.2 awesome good on them.


What you got to say about that Mr kerry and Rumsfeld??????

Anna Esenina

What a surprise for Bombama(Obama). He believed that Ukraine is a country where the natives will not be able to distinguish the plug from a spoon.      
Who is friend and who is foe.

Anna Esenina

Now everything depends on people. We should not be indifferent.
The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil – is that good men do nothing.(Edmund Burke)


USA is a false friend & a true enemy of Ukraine.

Charles Stewart


Jimbo Schafer

This is plain strange.


Vojska na strani naroda – respect !

Jay Stimson

The banksters cannot be happy about this.

Brandon Lengling

that's what happens when you have a ragtag group of soldiers they were intimidated by the Russian people. that's what makes the USA so strong everybody in all the branches of our armed services volunteer to be there and want to be there what determines were motivated and are Merrell is always going to be high

Rex Croatorum


Лена Елена

Западные СМИ всё врут! На Украине нет российских войск! Украинская армия массово переходит на сторону народа. Они не хотят по приказу незаконной Киевской власти стрелять в своих граждан. Юго – восток Украины просит Россию о защите. Юго-восток Украины просит Россию о возвращении их в состав России. На юго-востоке 50% населения – русские. В Донбассе 70% русские._________________________________________________________________ Western media are all lies! Ukraine does not have Russian military! Ukrainian army en masse over to the side of the people. They do not want to order illegal Kiev authorities to shoot their citizens. South – east Ukraine asks Russia for protection. South-east… Read more »


too funny that US and UK (CNN+BBC, etc) media are claiming the units were kidnapped by pro-Russian activists when in fact the units defected. Did Kiev really think the soldiers would willingly kill their own people, friends and families?

Mark Walther

That tank whips shitties better then my mustang! 


Ever since the Crimea and Ukraine melodrama started, EVERY news sites I Google (be CNN, Reuters, Businessweek, ABC, NBC, Huntington, BBC etc..) always forecast a Russian economic recession due to the sanctions and they being the "main" instigators. I'm quite neutral to either side, but it's clear that the US, EU, and NATO allies want Russia to cave in and become a submissive state. This ain't the 1950's 'n 1960's, Russia just wants the former Soviet neighbor states to be neutral & Russian friendly (more like Pro-Russian), it's in NO position to launch massive military offensives, unless it's domestic issues… Read more »


Let us look to the recent past to see where our police states are taking us. In the waging of a war of aggression against Iraq, war criminals and mass murderers George Bush, Tony Blair, and John Howard did not merely commit crimes against peace. They also bankrupted the US economy, brought forward Peak Oil, lengthened the occupation of Afghanistan, profoundly strengthened al-Qaeda, and brought forward the global financial crisis, all to our cost. Far from being appalled by their stupidity and folly, Rudd, Gillard, Blair, and their fellow sycophants fawn on Obama’s (nearly bankrupt) Imperial America and NATO’s casual… Read more »


За інформацією ЗМІ, у Слов'янську почалися погроми циган. Новини ДонбасуУ Слов’янську сепаратисти б’ють і грабують ромів.У Слов'янську озброєні сепаратисти вламуються в будинки ромів, б'ють і грабують їх незалежно від статі і віку, повідомляють Новини Донбасу. Зокрема, були побиті кілька жінок і дітей. Сепаратисти стверджують, що вони діють за вказівкою "народного мера" В'ячеслава Пономарьова.За словами очевидців, озброєні люди вивантажують майно громадян на вантажні автомобілі. Читайте також: Жителі Слов'янська почали вимагати очистити місто від озброєних бойовиків Як повідомлялося раніше, у Слов'янську сепаратисти "полюють" на україномовних, а бойовики з автоматами розганяють мітинги.Звертаючись до людей, лідер сепаратистів міста В'ячеслав Пономарьов закликав їх інформувати "народних дружинників"… Read more »

Rex Daciae

They are not defectors nor did they switch sides.
If you reporters would know anything about the military, you'd know that when they Swear the Oath, they first swear to protect their country, secondly their people and thirdly their leader.
These soldiers respected their Oath, that's all they did.
Although the action is worthy of praise, it's something normal, implemented in any Soldier's mind.


hi RT news, would you please gather your info properly? these Ukrainians did not defect. they followed orders from their superiors.2nd they were surrounded by armed pro russians. it would have been shooting fish in a barrel.. ive seen the home videos and had a friend translate them. thanks, now fuck off with your fascist shit. 

Jacek Golonka

ukraina bandera faszyst