Trump’s Syrian oil grab risks WW3 – Daniel McAdams

President Donald Trump has approved a wider plan to protect around 90 miles’ worth of oil fields in eastern Syria. Critics say the plan may be illegal without congressional approval. Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Institute joins Steve Malzberg (in for News.Views.Hughes) to weigh in. He thinks the plan amounts to theft and is “bone-headed.”

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Stevin Harper

This guy must be working for oil companies

Hail Odin

The US produces enough oil and has enough oil reserves to last the US at least 20 years without needing any from any other nation and didn't they say the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were about oil even though not a single drop of oil was ever taken from either country plus RT is Russia's propaganda machine

Richard Llewellyn

On Guard Venezuela the Commander and Thief has showen his true criminal intent. P.S This Pillage of Syrian Oil Resources is the High Crime you can Impeach Trump with.

End time tv Al fitan

our prophet explain this 1400 ago
The Prophet Muhammad said: "The Hour will not come to pass before the river Euphrates dries up to unveil the mountain of gold, for which people will fight Ninety-nine of every hundred will die [in the fighting] and every man among them will say, 'Maybe I'm the only one to remain

eyes to see

What a stupid f**** question is there a sovereign country of Syria good f**** grief here's a f**** anchor stuck in the f**** left vs right paradigm can you tell I'm tired of this worldly stupidity

Emmett Peels

Geez it sure was a strategic move to concoct those bogus 9/11 attacks – it is now enabling the T Rump to go and get the US' oil back so he can make/keep America great again – how come every other country continues to sit on their (collective) hands while the US schoolyard bully does what it likes? Oh yeah I keep forgetting the US owns everyone.

Ran Ko

Strange. On those vehicle there were US flags instead of the black (buckaneers') flags with scull and bones.

Ran Ko

3:20 What a STUPID question (is Syria a sovereign state these days?! Man u are discgrace for RT America. You better ask is the USA a sovereing state with all those people with dual citizenship managing the USA as a colony of another state accross the ocean.

Think Neo, Think!

It’s all about politics. And if a few million people should happen to suffer, that’s a price our politicians are willing to pay. It’s no skin off their corrupt asses at the end of the day.

Hasan Özüşen

If USA says god is 1 don’t believe it must be 2


So glad to see the comment section full of disdain for 'host' Steve Malzberg.

Darklight .Dragon



This deluded leftover clown from the RT’s conservative “Hughes” programme needs to watch or even RT or Ron Paul Inst. to get a better balance on international news…


"Is there such a thing?" Idiot.

Amir Fahmi

We must de Israelized our government's foreign policy in the middle east.

Taso Aifantis

Who the hell is this clown and how did he get a job hosting RT . I think he is way out of his league here . I am sure the staff at RT are wondering the same . What a superficial amateur.
This guy should be hosting an infomercial for toilet brushes not interviewing some one high caliber like Daniel McAdams . He probably even thinks Epstein did kill himself . what a loser

Neil Hallett

The US/CIA and ISIS are one and the same. The plan all along was to destroy Syria, steal the oil, provide space for israeli expansion. Repeated exposure as liars doesn't worry the war machine … they just continue. It's a challenge to the world every time "What are you gonna do about it?" It's a problem.

Jurgen Angler

A great Quote :
"We wouldn't be Happy if someone do it to us".
"We can't steal their oil, let them have what belong to them".

Eyob Ghirmay

U no USA illegal so china,Iran,Russia can strike in America army.

Eyob Ghirmay

Russia and iran take 2 action in USA army if u take action less 24 all withdrawal not from Syria all Mideast

Eyas Abiedan

The anchor is so bad and stupid even the guest is shocked


A trumpster apologist as a host….

Tom McKeith

I thought for one moment that I was listening to MSNBC! Steve should work for them as he will easily spew their narrative for them. I tried, but I can’t watch him anymore.