Suspected chemical weapon attack ‘total nonsense’ – Ron Paul

In the wake of the latest suspected chemical weapon attack on a militant-held suburb of Damascus, Syria on Sunday, the international community is contemplating whether retaliatory measures are justified. RT America’s Ed Schultz speaks with former Congressman Ron Paul, chairman of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

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max bootstrap

Sorry, but there was no chemical attack. The two doctors shown in the video that supposedly "proved" the chemical attack said in an interview that the patients suffered smoke inhalation when a nearby building was bombed (probably by the USSA or USSA supported terrorists), and the patients did not suffer from chemical weapons. The USSA and UK funded White Helmet terrorists staged the whole farce. The mainstream media are 100% liars, worse than Pravda was at its worse — which is saying something!


I have voted for this man every time he's ran. I could only imagine what this country would be like if he had been president.

Ilfart 218

Ha I love how he put perpetual war for perpetual profit first that is exactly the right order oil has always been secondary at best I'd wager the order is war profits then spreading tyranny then distraction then natural resources but that's just a bonus the first 2 are the big ones but the third on the list is important too. The 2nd one might be first as they seem to be in a lot of areas they don't war monger in because there is already a nasty tyranny going there.


So this begs the question- why don't some want us to leave? I like the little warning under the video that informs us this broadcaster is at least partially funded by Russia… hmm.

Veprjack Veprjack

Psychotic ZioTurd Warmonger Bolton just behind "Cheeto in Charge" is texting his master Netanyahu – "Your orders are being followed oh Master Bibi!"

Lance Pickell

Look at the picture of kids with foam coming out

Mr Anderson

Notice the Syrians that were gassed were out in the streets waving the Syrian flag after the US bombed them, well after a fraction of the missiles hit their targets. The image of Syrians supporting their country after being bombed reveals what side the people are on, Assad’s, so get out Israel and US.

koji kabuto

WMD and think of the children? Even a CNN reporter would say, sorry buddy but nobody is going to believe this.


The best President since JFK, never to be elected!!!!

David Jones

Syria: Hospital Workers Say No Poisoning, Expose Western Propaganda. Trump based his belief that there was a gas attack in Syria on staged photos of dead children, and a viral video showing children being showered with water in a hospital following an alleged chemical attack. Two medics from the hospital who appeared in the video said that when they were treating patients for smoke inhalation, unidentified strangers shouted that the event was a chemical attack, spooking the patients. They say there were no chemical attack victims. (Need To Know News Apr. 2018)


The Swamp runs deep. Bombing as soon as John Bolton comes in proves it. But, the American people paid over a Trillion dollars for this venture!

Rabble Repository

Ron paul i could kiss him until he starts preaching lolberterian econ then i get nauseous
No more wars of aggression
Congress must declare war!


enough is enough. yep

Thomas Jefferson

Greater Israel Project in action.

Robert Vargovcik

This guy is an idiot no one else will listen to him

Thelma Lynne

Just a few years ago American forces burnt 400,000 innocent people to death in Vietnam with chemical weapons.Napalm and Agent Orange made by Dow Chemical and Monsanto.Another 500,000 were left maimed for these chemical weapons.They even threw it on their own service men.America still keeps a full arsenal of chemical and biological weapons stock piled.They talk with forked tongue do they not?

Valentin Hajdaraj

When you don't give speech on front of ipac you are not selected for president !
Shame on America they lost the only one who had the best ideas for its people.

Khan Imtiaz

Ron Paul I love you for showing us the truth about the crimes of the US government. Thank you…


TRUMP IS insane

Hollis C.Koon

PBS Propaganda network DUMB ASSES ! Do you'r home work …. DUH ! ! ! ! It's on Regular PBS 13 channel free …….

Tuka Sikom

ya sucks america govt….but now all american knows about truth but they dont care to protest against their govt for any muslims countries and when its comes to their land so call united they emerge in street as peace loving country and protest against terrorist .this is the real free america.. morons terrorist all are made by usa govt..why cant u see it…all normal people of american know usa govt was behind 9/11 but they dont care ..keep silence till all usa will be silence by all muslims and other anti america countries one day..


There was no chemical Attack so why does RT guy say there was he must be an idiot


Obvious set up, most likely by the so called 'Rebels'. The little girl victim, when filmed the following day was a healthy as could be, no wheezing, no coughing, no visible sign of recent poisoning after a military grade chemical attack!!!! Her story was inconsistent; she saw the bomb land on the roof but they were sheltering in the basement! And so on. Only fools could be duped be this


Long Live President Paul!!!!!

FX Hacker 91

"People will believe a lie faster than the truth, if you repeat that lie over and over again people will believe it as truth" – Adolf Hitler.

People want a big massive delusional lie over the brutal hard cold sad truth. Fact.


May trying to outdo Iron Lady and have created a legend herself. Its called Poison False Flag Lady

ygg drasil

Robert Fisk doesn't believe in the chemical attack movie.

It takes a 71 year old to go there and do some proper journalism.

Benjamin Mendoza Sr

its a blessing we have a man like ron paul who is the lies of trump revealed and its the lies that his masters zionist dictated

tim gong

Ron Paul should be assassinated fuking anti american traitor rt is owned by pitin

Turley Thornton

Good for Dr. Paul for speaking the truth. He actually survived the attack of the dance hall girls.

Liberty’s Right OnConstitutionalRights

Trump busy setting up the deep State controlling congress pentagon officials and their CIA Isis created foreign bank prosperity and EU And IN one world communist government takeover already happening and Trump is fighting against all of this with a few good men. Even Supreme Courts are corrupt they all work for the foreign bankers pile cartels who want to run the world all leaders of all nations have done treasonous Unconstitutional ideological UN western Christian values. Trump is against all that! Past President tried to warn us of what’s happening now! They own all media Hollywood news papers ect… Read more »