Ron Paul on Iraq: US making the same mistakes

On the 15th anniversary of the Iraq War, Americans are more skeptical of the US government, and no one has been held accountable for invading based on false intelligence. Former Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) joins RT America’s Ed Schultz to discuss what has changed since the start of the war.

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Not a mistake. Order out of Chaos

max q

Zionist wars are genocide,profit.

ABC 123

Who is the main person that cause this & why?

Lawrence Fortune

The reckless entrance to war will stop, and congress will again be the one in charge of declaration of wars only after a few american cities become like Aleppo. When US feels the horrors and tastes the anguish they deliver upon other states.

Trumpstein Oy Vey

Read the PNAC article!!!

Michael Wilson

We have been fucking up in Iraq for years. It's All trumps fault. His supporters and republicans.

Delon Thomas

Bynoculers says no sign of peace


RON PAUL 2012!! <– America, you had your chance =[

Trust No Government

USA has never benefited from there wars but why she's there? For Israel period

Low C C

Nothing to do intelligence and policies, more on Traders hijacking the leaders. The facts are there. Oil.

so no yes

It was s bad war. I know. A dictator is gone now and the iraqis are now the only real democracy in the middle east. Ron paul is wrong the president is commander in cheif and controls the military not congress

Tony Dias

Boycott Corrupt 🤡🤡 CNN 💩💩💩 Fake News

KillJoy Sanchez

Our government is a global supporter of Terrorism . lying to invade country's for control , oil and the petrol dollar.


The American SHEEPLE better hurry up , because the LUCIFARIANS are pressing their attacks on our children ❗️More school shootings will continue , because these sick bastards believe these blood sacrifices will bring them closer to immortality and their goat god ‼️

ark angel

U.s and its allies have been behaving with impuny , attacking and destroying country's and not being held accountable , organisations suppose to curtail this arrogant rite to launch military aggression , against any country that has extremist Jihadists , is a farce , there is no justice from any U .N. body ! They have been corrupted and coerced into doing ,THE warhawks bidding , at the expense of regional stability and lots of noncombatants, civilian lives ! This was their intention ! LIBYA and Yemen case in point ,

Pedro Silveira Ramos

We start hating America, Israel and Saudis the base of war crimes all over the World . Pure terrorists !!!


Congress turned power over to the president to beat the legal system.
When the president decides war, no one in congress will be held accoubtable.
The president will never be persecuted nor his staff!
Military personnel will Never be tried, much less serve time outside U.S. territories!
In short, no One will ever face prosecution!
Add patriot act niw freedom act… even U.S. citizens are targets today…

duck Lamb

well 9-11,bush,the man that sold the world,for a pound of pcp.made(just about) everyone in washington insane.


ISRAEL is in charge of america. NOT AMERICANS ! .


Rand Paul 2020!

Paul Coba

Rand Paul 2020 the best thing that could happen for America

The Real World

The US will never learn unless there is someone to check them.

Grey Snipe

It's not mistakes but deliberately acts of violence

Protyus Games

Can't speak for everyone but I am sick and tired of it.

ibrahim ayobi

bush was the only one who disliked this video

Anthony Raymond

How many fuck-ups are you going to have? How many more years of this bullshit?

Robert Tolassi

Clinton bush Obama trump 2 dems 2 republicans .the president comes and goes .but our dual citizen Zionist media MSNBC ABC CBS fox CNN Comcast .associated press runs in every major cities papers .and dual citizen govt kissinger wolfowitz schumer rumsfeld feinstein Wasserman adelman abrahms feith Libby Fleisher Pearle Cohen kushner Shapiro wurmser and dozens if not hundreds more . congress senate and house govt body stays in tact Zionist AiPAC dual citizen Zionist controlled .for instance .Kissinger was Nixon's secratary of state and both bushs senior military advisors .rumsfeld and wolfowitz both secretary if defense .chuck schumer has been… Read more »

guitar collector

Trump must be impeached from office before he can make an even bigger mistake with Iran.


Showing that even a crackpot closet fascist can get something right.

shad hasan

Democratic mess. Nobody is answerable.


He has been CONSISTENT in over 25 years! And Consistency IS what U.S so badly & profoundly NEEDS in their leader..Not a big baboon baby makin headlines over something superficially as a effin tweet

King Breezy

Overthrowing 7 governments in 5 years they don't care they've killed 6 to 7 million people in the Middle East and northern African (Muslim world)

Aurα вírdч

Fuck Iraq, it's a shit hole

Watta World

Ron Paul for president 2020. NO one else is qualified. Dr. paul will make peace, stop the wars, dismantle the military industrial complex, and audit the FED..
WTF is wrong with people… You let the MSM convince you that he is a racist… I am ashamed of the stupidity of the American people.

Danno Young

alot of the time in history empires who leaderships find it important to spy on there citizens do so in fear which is a sign of a weakning empire also empires that field large merc. armies for more than just raiding or destabilizing a region also a sign of empires weakness

Purple Sword 5

Weapons of mass distraction…

dominique dupouy

stop the wars

The Forest Revealed

#ThumbsDown – #BullSHIT – The Elephant in the Room is #Empire and Ron Paul Knows it and so does Ed Schultz and it is past time that an Apple is called an Apple and an Orange an Orange. Until the American People #Reject both of the Empire supported Parties, the #Duopoly, the problem will continue with #CorruptPoliticians authorizing #CrimesAgainstHumanity for nothing more than securing #SorvereignNations #Resources against their will for the #CronyOligarchs and performing #Illegal #RegimeChanges because #Sovereign & Legal #Governments stop using the #USDollar for trading in Oil and/or switch to their own #CentralBanks from our Approved Banks that… Read more »

Hidayat shinwaray

The people who expose the crimes are put in jail and the criminals who commit crimes are in charge of the US affairs and that is exactly happning in afghanistan.
The most wanted criminal man in afghanistan like warlords are the vice president and executive power and those who object the power of these criminal warlords are put in jail or Guantanamo.
He is absolutly right that DC is ruled by the warmongers as afghanistan by warlords.

Hildebrandt Zhor

They're not mistakes. Everything went exactly as planned. The murderers got rich, and now they want more. The US is the Great Satan. That's all there is to it. The US murders millions for trillions. It's free market capitalism at the highest level.

Damien King

its not just about waking up i bet more and more ppl being effected with whats around them, the sanctions, rediculous laws and inflations plus whats rite and wrong is upside down plus whats with freedom of speech ect. to be human or not to be human

James Richardson

The system is completely broken. All these bought and paid for criminals in government are never prosecuted. They sure put Martha Stewart in jail for nothing compared to what our corrupt elected officials are doing.

Papicia Papicia

Some peace we are not seeing yet with the draining of the swamp


Mr Paul doesn't understand that this has nothing to do with what the "founding fathers" intended. These are not 'mistakes', these are deliberate actions in the interest of the military industrial security complex. Mr. Paul, good intentioned he is, and he can talk about this until his face turns blue, no change will occur in foreign policy. It's the game of the big boys and the public is watching with awe when the fancy air force jets drop bombs on civilians in most cases. They probably don't see the destroyed cities and countries, millions of refugees fleeing from their destroyed… Read more »

m k

America has no intelligence. It's internal agencies do nothing but attack it's citizens. The stink goes back to Kennedy's death. Bush took out the twinn towers and intelligence agencies were every attack to happen in America. False flags all of them

Analogous to Tower 7 : Ameaning

If a person rapes more than one person, we don't refer to them as making mistakes, we call them a serial rapist (or POTUS). America[n Society] is not making [the same] mistakes, it's defining OUR [true] character as a serial criminal [society]. If the world doesn't destroy US, we will destroy them [all]; be it maliciously or inadvertently (tricked).

Neo E

If Ron Paul Ruled The World…

Emily Hernandez

Very magnificent Video clips.

old news

Yeah Mr Paul is on point.the Americans people are focus on rebuilding it self from weather disasters caused by bomb chemical bomb an lot of air aviation damagein the air we breath.
Donald is causeing war for his personal under table buisnes onlybobviouae lol