Ron Paul joins Boom Bust to talk about the Fed

Former Republican Congressman, Dr. Ron Paul, joins Ameera David from Boom Bust to give his thoughts on the Federal Reserve and the chance of auditing the institution.

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jerran sperarman

good video rt

Winston Smith in Oceania

Braaaaaaace. The fucking Paul bots are coming!!!

Slurpon Muhdick

One of the last true honest statesmen. Well said, Ron. You are my president.

Fred Dietz

Don’t audit it, end it. “American Monetary Act”—an actual bill sitting on the table to end the Federal Reserve System. Supported by ex-congressman Dennis Kucinich. Give the power of money creation back to US Treasury, appoint persons who AREN’T connected to the banking industry to oversee it, then watch them like a hawk. That’s how you start to get rid of the money octopus that’s controlling America.

FeO Hierro

Keep printing trillions USA, we look forward to see you broke.

Heyoka ChiefBigMouth

I love these guys who claim others are violating the law but don't file criminal charges against the one who have so called committed a crime within the gov't which makes them just as guilty and have committed treason for not doing their sacred oath they took!I like Ron but he is lame, talk is just talk with out action and all the truth told means nothing which mostly falls upon idiot deaf ears anyways which most of the general public could actually give a crap any ways as they no nothing anyways or they would have stopped this criminal… Read more »


Surprised? Financial manipulation trumps political legislation any day. How ironic that the social welfare tool of currency has been slowly rigged, over generations, into a weapon of political and social mass destruction. Kinda calls to question if there is any genuine necessity for it. Money is inherently corrupt to begin with, and a "necessary evil" I find abundantly obsolete.


So… your solution Ron Paul is "philosophy". Looks like you're still an ideological cook who bases his ideas not on facts, science, or empirical data, but rather his "hunches" and ideology. Sorry, but I prefer facts not religion.


Truth. Politicians exists from our fear of being free lol.

Jimmy John

reporters face first 10 secs looks… Different…

497119 esther

We get it, End the Fed. Nothing will happen and nobody cares enough to make it happen. People think whining on YT makes a difference, well no, it doesn't.

Stephen Blackwell

He doesn't seem to realize that socializing education and healthcare ultimately enriches the middle classes. If you pay motor tax, it pays for the roads you use. if you socialize key aspects of the economy, it pays for the schools, hospitals, and universities you and everyone else uses.
Incoming the "taxation is theft" libertarians…

Cameron Kerr Bôcher

While most with more then a couple of brain cells remaining functional concur that the role of government and the Fed should be reigned in, it does deserve mentioning that the deck has been stacked, and any allowing of the dollar or markets to crash would hurt the middle and poorer classes disproportionately more then those getting the free FED money and continuing the derivative shell game and Vegas style gambling. The bubble must be deflated but I fear the true victims will again be Main St. while Wall St brokers and banks will simply have taller stacks of cash… Read more »


Ron Paul champions the free market, which is what I prefer, but most people inside America and around the world prefer socialism, fascism, and feudalism. Maybe America could have a nationwide system that permits each state and/or city to have its own economic system. A one-size-fits-all solution is almost always suboptimal especially for a nation as large, diverse, and complex as the USA.

Anyhow, Ameera David, the genuine trophy wife, still possesses her natural beauty, intelligence, and respectable demeanor.


that fake tan looks awful.


If only Ron Paul would have stuck with it. Let's review = Rand Paul. I really wish Ron Paul didn't love the Jewish Russki bullshit.

Ron van der Vis

Ron Paul is awesome and Ameera is stunning! 🙂

John Hogan

Simple. Get RID of Washington DC altogether and put the power they HAD into the local community levels. We never needed DC and when we learn that, the theft and corruption America knows today IS OVER..

craig robb

i don't agree with dr. paul's thoery of government but i do applaud his integrity, he does make sense and doesn't waver

ba sook

Feds was powerful, who would respect some one who prints out paper money back by nothing