Ron Paul, Jesse Ventura, Richard Wolff highlight RT America’s special election coverage

Did you miss out on RT America’s special coverage of the midterm elections? While the mainstream media counted the seats, we focused on the issues. From fracking to GMO labeling, campaign ads to third-party candidates, RT focused on what voters really wanted to hear. RT hosts Ben Swann, Erin Ade and Thom Hartmann were joined by special guests, including former presidential candidate Ron Paul, former Gov. Jesse Ventura, economist Richard Wolff and correspondents around the country.

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Bankers rule America. Leftists and Rhino Republicans are paid by the same people. We know it and we want them gone. It is telling when Putin speaks more truth then American politicians. We are sick of rampant corruption.

Chris Snyder

 A person that seeks a place in society to make edicts to take my rights and those of my neighbor has no place in a civil society…Abolish this immoral system 


1:46 another example of RTs hatred of US firearm freedoms.

clarity seer

I've seen lot of news reports of voter Freud especially the Obama supporters/ so don't saw it doesn' exist Canadian require ID it's not a big deal/


In America you don't select a candidate, the candidate chooses you through gerrymandering, voter suppression and outright fraud.

Dmitri Kozlowsky

Why are these assholes, suppousedly American patriots, using the term loosely, appearing on a propaganda channel run by an expansionist aggressive enemy of United States.

Valueless Dollar

"What the f**k was that!?" ô¿ô

Buddy Floyd

It doesn't matter who got elected the American people are still screwed.

Dan Rich

GMO, voter fraud, Ebola outbreak, ISIS coming, United States government are terrorists, what's next.

bob .right

Corporations, Banks & the military complex are the PIMPS. President ,Congress & the Supreme Court are the little whores. That's just how it is. The Congress are bought & sold just like any other commodity. President and Supreme Court are blackmailed just like all presidents and supreme courts were in the past. The American people are up Shit Creek without a paddle. Until American people grow a set of balls we will always be up Shit Creek.

bob .right

People we did not lose our freedom because of wars, terrorism, Russian or any other country we lost our freedom right here in Washington DC. The freedom takers are the Democrat and Republican oligarchs. They have taken over Congress, Supreme Court. They taken turns in the last 100 years of been little dictators in the White House. The president cannot do anything unless the rich oligarchs lets him do it. The biggest threat to our freedom is the Democrat and Republican party.

mike copple

yes the system be totally rigged and just look at fl med weed and gmo amendments.


Lol, U$ folks keep voting for who the banksters and the MIC selected…


I salute Ben Swann on RT.

Rizzly Fine

i know this is Putins personal channel, but i really liked that bit at the end. Well said. It's never easy and nothing worth it ever is. Its a bit quiche, but it was delivered believably enough to fool me.   


There are How many millions of Americans that live in the United States right?  Why in the fuck do we put the same people from the same families into positions of power? I believe there are many, even millions, of Americans better suited for a government job than another Bush.  Time for them to take a back seat.  The reason why these people stay in power, same families, same names, same bloodlines, is because this system works for those who can afford it and manipulate it.  It probably doesn't matter anyways, this country is fucked anyways.  Until we get rid… Read more »


The 2-party system is a prison.


How dare you speak ill of Joni Ernst. She is a saint.


Zionist Jews are running the show!

Ruly Tores

The USA of Amnesia is a Two Headed Snake. Cannot e trusted world wide view